7 Cheap Stocks to Buy Now if You Have $100 to Spend

  • These cheap stocks to buy $100 offer incredible upside potential for just a $100 bill.
  • Ford (F): Plans to increase production to 600,000 vehicles by 2023.
  • Pharma-Bio Serv (PBSV): Robust balance sheet making it an attractive investment option for long-term investors.
  • Parks! America (PRKA): Attendance levels are up by double-digit margins.
  • AvePoint (AVPT): Net retention rates are up by triple-digit margins.
  • GEE Group (JOB): Strong cash position points to more acquisitions ahead.
  • Jerash (JRSH): Consistent 5% quarterly dividend will help rake in significant earnings.
  • Nokia (NOK): Nokia has seized a major opportunity in the 5G space.
Cheap Stocks to Buy for $100 - 7 Cheap Stocks to Buy Now if You Have $100 to Spend

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There are plenty of solid cheap stocks to buy for $100, and investing in cheap stocks is an incredibly efficient way to build a long-term portfolio.

By performing thorough research and honing an eye for value investing, investors can uncover some amazing opportunities even in this volatile market. These cheap stocks to buy for $100 could prove long-term winners in the equity market.

It may feel disheartening to watch the dips in stock prices on your financial app day after day. Robust companies are invaluable assets during times of economic uncertainty. These companies provide stability and potential growth opportunities regardless of the conditions.

F Ford $12.02
PBSV Pharma-Bio Serv $0.79
PRKA Parks! America $0.41
AVPT AvePoint $4.26
JOB GEE Group $0.49
JRSH Jerash  $3.96
NOK Nokia  $4.76

Ford (F)

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Ford (NYSE:F) stock is one of the few blue-chip stocks that are trading under $20, making it one of the great cheap stocks to buy for $100.

Investing in Ford allows investors to get exposure to a large, established company with a dominant market share while still getting access at a low cost.

Ford plans to increase production to 600,000 vehicles by 2023 and reach two million EVs produced annually by 2026.

Moreover, a strong liquidity position of roughly $49 billion will ensure Ford Motor’s supply chain security while investing heavily in their U.S., European, and Chinese operations.

This enviable portfolio transformation sets Ford Motors up for an incredibly bright outlook over the next few years.

Pharma-Bio Serv (PBSV)

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Pharma-Bio Serv (OTCMKTS:PBSV) has become an authority in the life sciences industry thanks to its commitment to compliance and safety.

Although Pharma-Bio Serv may not seem as sexy and high-profile as other penny stocks, it should not be overlooked. It stands apart by having a remarkable balance sheet.

Its financial planning and incredibly smart decisions make it an attractive option for investors interested in long-term growth and stability. This relatively unknown stock truly stands out among the best cheap stocks to buy for $100.

Parks! America (PRKA)

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With its unique drive-through business model, Parks! America (OTCMKTS:PRKA) is providing an exciting opportunity to explore and experience the wildlife of Pine Mountain, Georgia.

The latest figures coming from Parks! America provided both good news and bad news about its fiscal year 2022.

On the one hand, the company felt the effects of negative weather patterns and economic conditions, which created a decline in net sales and income. However, President and CEO Lisa Brady was thrilled that despite these trying times, attendance-based sales adjusted for the purchase of Texas park jumped up by more than 40%.

This is promising news that Parks! America remains steadfast despite turbulent headwinds.

AvePoint (AVPT)

In this photo the Microsoft Office 365 logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen. AVPT stock, AVPT provides services for Microsoft (MSFT) products
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AvePoint (NASDAQ:AVPT) offers a comprehensive array of services centered on data management, protection and migration that help businesses get the most out of their Microsoft Office 365 products.

Microsoft and AvePoint have proven to be the perfect match. As Microsoft has outsourced its services to AvePoint, they have both witnessed a strong financial performance in recent years.

Especially noteworthy is AvePoint’s net retention rate of 100%. Remarkably, this arrangement has not only provided Microsoft with reliable services but also empowered AvePoint to expand its reach in the addressable market.

GEE Group (JOB)

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In spite of the possible headwinds created by continued interest rate hikes, investing in staffing and recruiting company GEE Group (NYSEMKT:JOB) could still be a savvy move.

The GEE Group has been consistently profitable. It also has a strong cash position, giving the company the resources to make acquisitions and give back to shareholders through share buybacks.

This gives them even greater potential for future growth and increasing shareholder rewards, making GEE Group a very attractive investment opportunity.

Jerash (JRSH)

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Jerash (NASDAQ:JRSH) is a leading apparel maker.

As the economic environment has changed, the downward pressure on shares of Jerash has caused the company’s stock to become one of the more attractive options in its sector.

However, many investors believe this downturn is already priced into Jerash’s stock and are taking advantage of the opportunity to buy when stock values are low and potentially earn strong returns when the economy rebounds.

The attractive 5.06% quarterly dividend that JRSH stock offers is worth noting. With a consistent payout since 2018, there is evidence of sustainability.

Although the coming fiscal year could bring some instability, shareholders who hold on to their JRSH stocks may be able to reap significant rewards when market conditions improve.

Nokia (NOK)

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Despite the recent struggles of Nokia (NYSE:NOK), investors are still confident in the long-term potential of the Finnish giant.

Although Nokia’s shares have declined about 27% over the past year, its appeal remains strong as a reliable cheap blue-chip stock. Trading below $20 for more than a decade, NOK remains an attractive choice for those looking to get maximum bang for their buck in a competitive market.

The U.S. ban on telecom firm Huawei has provided an opportunity for firms such as Nokia to fill the gap, and it is clear that this move has been beneficial for both Huawei and Nokia. Moreover, NOK stock attracts a “buy” rating from those looking to invest in Nokia.

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