Airline Stocks

The Wright brothers build the first plane in 1903 and their invention caused a new industry to take flight. But the novel coronavirus sent airline stocks into a tailspin, forcing airliners to burn through their cash piles. But despite the current environment, the airline industry is a necessary component of the global economy. Though some airlines are good buys today and others may be headed for bankruptcy, the top airline stocks will emerge stronger. Because they are a main cog in industry, airline stocks have become extremely prosperous, especially in the past decade. As technology advances, so too will the stock with colossal companies such as American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and United soaring ahead.

Airline Stocks Alert: Why Are UAL, AAL Stocks Dipping Today?

Airline stocks are the talk of the town today. United and American airlines both posted Q4 earnings this week amid conflicts with 5G towers.

Airline Stocks: The Good News That Has DAL, UAL, AAL, JBLU and LUV Flying Higher Today

A handful of airline stocks are getting a boost on Tuesday, as overall sentiment in the sector continues to improve with the pandemic fading.

The Great Air Travel Boom of 2021 Is Only One ‘Generation’ Away

Airline stocks should take off as vaccines are more widely dispersed and all that cabin fever can finally be addressed.

Airline Stocks: As Americans Return to the Skies, Make This Trade

From an investment standpoint, the COVID-19 pandemic had made the airline sector one to avoid. But now, it may be one to embrace. Here's why.

Survival Is Not the Issue for Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines will survive, but it has mortgaged its future in order to do so. If you're buying DAL stock now, you're in too early.

Seize the Opportunity and Buy Delta Stock Before It’s Clear Skies Ahead

Uncertainty continues, but now's the time to buy DAL stock, ahead of what could be a multi-year return to the "old normal."

3 Airline Stocks That Are Losing Altitude in the Pandemic

This year has been turbulent for the travel industry for sure, and these airline stocks do not offer enough long-term value -- yet.

Delta Doubles Staffing for ‘Pit Stop’ Cleaning as Rivals Adjust Process

DAL stock is up 11% in August as the carrier introduces new cleaning technology, including pre-flight cleaning "pit stops."

When Is the Right Time to Buy Delta Stock?

Yet, if bleak prospects get priced back into shares, we could be reach a compelling entry point. Sure, high risk remains on the table. But, Delta stock may be the most cautious way to play this still hard-hit sector.

Why JetBlue Stock Will Fly to $15 Over the Next 12 Months

Powered by rebounding air travel demand and traffic, JBLU stock will shake off Covid-19 risks in the back-half of 2020 and fly higher.

5 Airline Stocks to Buy As Consumers Start Traveling Again

Powered by rebounding air travel demand and normalizing consumer behavior, airline stocks are positioned to once again fly high.

Airline Stocks – A Great Buy, or A Lot of Hot Air?

Airline stocks are still down in the dumps, compared to where they were as recently as February. But the situation is evolving rapidly.

Pick the Perfect Time to Get on Board the JetBlue Stock Flight

Airline stocks took off like rockets but it's still important to pick smart entries. JBLU stock will need to tackle overhead resistance soon.

Here’s Why Delta Is a Top Airline Stock to Buy

Delta Air Lines may face many long-term challenges that keeps investors away. However, DAL stock a top pick in the group for bulls.

JetBlue Stock Might Be the Best Bet on Air Travel Recovery

A slow-recovery scenario is likely in the airline industry. JBLU stock is capitalized well enough to survive this downturn to possibly reach new highs form the current levels

Delta Stock Could Lead an Airline Rally

Recent strength in Delta stock epitomizes what's happening in the equity market today. Stocks, including many of the worst offenders during the March Covid-19 swoon, are rallying against a backdrop chock full of rising unemployment and other bleak economic data. Airlines, which remain contrarian bets, are late to the trash-to-treasure rally. That could be a sign more near-term upside is available with the group and Delta itself.

Southwest Is a Much Better Pick Now Than American Airlines Stock

Investors looking to play the rebound in airline stocks should pass up AAL stock because the firm's shaky finances will hurt its recovery.

3 Airline Stocks That Can Power Through Market Turbulence

Are airline stocks preparing for takeoff or will they stay grounded? Aim high with a selection of notable aviation-sector investments.

Despite the Potential Upside, Wait for Delta to Fall Below Book Value

Despite its potential upside, wait for Delta to fall below book value. DAL stock trades for its book value per share, but its cash burn rate suggests it should be well below that level.

Surveys, Opening States, Oil Prices All Bode Well for United Airlines Stock

Survey results, antibody tests, and bargain basement oil prices are among the factors that bode very well for UAL stock.