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8 Places to Run and Hide in a Market Crash

From cash to gold and more, these will help you protect your money

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Places to Hide in a Stock Market Crash: Cash is King

Places to Hide in a Stock Market Crash: Cash is King
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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then you’re likely to come out a winner. And when all about you are losing their money, one sure way to keep your head is to be in cash.

Don’t forget that cash is an asset class. And while you won’t get rich from cash, you won’t go broke either. Remember, there is no law against just taking your bets off the table and hunkering down in a cash bunker. In fact, I think a big portion of your overall portfolio should be in cash during a crisis.

Holding cash will help you sleep better at night, and it will leave you prepared to sift through the detritus of low-priced equities left smoldering from a market meltdown.

Along with plenty of dried food, purified water and plenty of ammunition, as of this writing Jim Woods also was long AMZN, DVY, MO. For more of his ETF and equity picks, please check out his Successful ETF Investing and Millionaire Blueprint advisory services.

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