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5 of the Best Low-Risk Retirement Stocks on the Market

Looking for holdings that will last you into your golden years? Look no further.

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When you think of “retirement stocks,” a few things come to mind. You’re generally looking for something timeless — a company that has been around for decades and appears to be future proof. After all, if you’re going to depend on this stock to support you in your golden years, you don’t want it to be at risk of technical obsolesce in a few years.

5 of the Best Low-Risk Retirement Stocks on the Market
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A good retirement stock also will have an iron-clad balance sheet with low or very manageable levels of debt. The quickest way to make a stable, boring business risky is simply to lever it up.

And ideally, you’d also like to see your retirement stock pay a dividend and have a long history of increasing its payout. A good dividend reduces your need to sell shares at what could be lousy prices during bear markets.

So today, we’re going to take a look at five low-risk retirement stocks that you can depend on in your golden years. I’ll give you fair warning: At today’s market prices, not all of these stocks are priced to deliver particularly high returns. You might want to wait for a pullback before really backing up the truck and buying any of these aggressively.

All the same, if you’re looking for companies that should survive the end of days, this list is for you.

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