Conflict Capitalists: 7 Stocks Set to Profit From Worldwide Instability


  • Lockheed Martin (LMT): Lockheed Martin’s broad defense portfolio commands cynical relevance.
  • AeroVironment (AVAV): AeroVironment’s tactical drones could be a game-changer.
  • Barrick Gold (GOLD): Inflationary pressure could help boost Barrick Gold.
  • The fear trade may bolster these stocks to buy for global conflict.
Stocks to Buy for Global Conflict - Conflict Capitalists: 7 Stocks Set to Profit From Worldwide Instability

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With geopolitical flashpoints poised to worsen, investors ought to target stocks to buy for global conflict. I don’t look at this theme as advantaging tragedies. Rather, it’s a matter of sensibly adjusting one’s portfolio to reflect rapidly shifting realities.

Yes, the headlines have been focused on the Middle East. The tit-for-tat missile attacks that Iran and Israel have launched against each other have rattled nerves. While the current media response from both sides suggest a collective effort to cool tensions, a miscalculation could easily spiral circumstances out of control.

However, the big issue in my opinion is the U.S. House of Representatives passing $61 billion in aid to Ukraine. That sends a clear message to Russia’s Vladimir Putin that the U.S. and western forces will continue to support the embattled nation.

Having no off-ramp (because the government didn’t take it earlier in the conflict), the Russians will continue their belligerence. With that in mind, investors need to get serious about these stocks to buy for global conflict.

Lockheed Martin (LMT)

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Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) is a powerhouse in the aerospace and defense sector. Responsible for developing and manufacturing a variety of weapons systems, it will almost surely play a pivotal role in the preparation for future conflicts. Of course, the defense space presents controversies regarding stocks to buy for global conflict.

However, in the words of Billy Joel, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Certain nations unfortunately continue to abide by imperialistic directives. At some point, a major conflict is inevitable. The fundamental justification for supporting U.S. allies and interests abroad is the ability to prosecute violations of the international order from a position of strength.

In other words, it’s easier to put out a house fire than a forest fire. But the prospect of a major conflagration materializing has heightened. Therefore, the need to prepare should bode well for Lockheed Martin.

To be fair, analysts only rate shares a consensus hold, driven by muted sales growth forecasts. However, it’s my opinion that this dynamic could change in a hurry. Therefore, LMT is one of the stocks to buy for global conflict.

AeroVironment (AVAV)

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While Mr. Joel is adamant that his generation didn’t start any fires, the reality is that the geopolitical snowballing effect means that we must deal with the consequences today. Defense contractor AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) is what happens when strategic efforts of containment and/or de-escalation fails and the bullets start flying. At that point, you need a response and that’s where AeroVironment comes in.

I don’t want to use the term to avoid getting pinged by the politically correct algorithms. AeroVironment makes “self-harm” drones if you get my drift. Notably, the company states that its drones were instrumental in changing the Ukraine war’s landscape. With these weapons systems, military operations were able to hit high-value targets while protecting themselves via distance.

For the current fiscal year, covering experts anticipate that revenue will hit $708.15 million, up 31% from last year’s print of $540.54 million. That’s a major reason why shares have done so well. Moving forward, experts see a reduced sales growth rate of 13.4% for fiscal 2025.

However, I believe with AeroVironment proving itself in combat, demand will be higher than anticipated. That’s why AVAV is one of the stocks to buy for global conflict.

Barrick Gold (GOLD)

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Not every idea for stocks to buy for global conflict has to involve defense contractors. Given the turmoil that geopolitical flashpoints can cause, the fear trade should cynically blossom. If so, you’ll want to keep close tabs on Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD). An exploration, production and mine development specialist, Barrick could benefit from multiple catalysts.

The first catalyst is an obvious one – inflation. That’s not just from the geopolitical realm. Rather, the U.S. economy continues to impress analysts with stronger-than-expected jobs reports. While that’s a positive development, it also means that more dollars are chasing after fewer goods. That will likely make the dollar relatively devalued, which may mean higher prices for gold.

Second, the yellow metal has historically played the role of safe-haven asset. With multiple flashpoints materializing throughout the world, a miscalculation could send matters spiraling out of control. I hate to say it but in many ways, that’s gold positive.

Covering experts rate shares a consensus strong buy with a $21.30 average price target. Based on current conditions, it’s an attractive and relevant idea.

Sibanye Stillwater (SBSW)

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When it comes to gold plays, better options exist than Sibanye Stillwater (NYSE:SBSW). Sure, the sector suffered from significant challenges related to earlier fears of interest rate hikes. But with inflation proving to be stickier than anticipated, precious metals may enjoy a long relevancy lifespan. However, SBSW stock is attractive not just because of the gold situation but because of the underlying palladium business.

As an industrial metal, palladium finds significant use in the automotive sector. It’s a critical commodity for the development of catalytic converters. Remember those stories about thieves cutting up exhaust systems? Palladium – or more specifically its high market value – is the reason why.

What’s really intriguing here on a cynical basis is that electric vehicle sales are suffering. Further, hybrid vehicle demand is skyrocketing, which means palladium demand should rise as well. There’s just one problem: Russia is the world’s biggest producer of palladium.

Of course, the west refuses to do business with the Russians. That means we have to turn to South Africa (where Sibanye is based) for increased palladium production. Do the math. SBSW is one of the stocks to buy for global conflict.

Palo Alto Networks (PANW)

Palo Alto Networks (PANW) logo on corporate building
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A technology player, Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ:PANW) specializes in cybersecurity. Per its public profile, the company primarily offers firewall appliances and software. In addition, it provides a security management solution for the global control of network security as a virtual or physical appliance. With cyber threats sprouting in both scope and scale, it’s never been more vital for enterprises to protect themselves.

Fundamentally, PANW is easily one of the stocks to buy for global conflict. Unlike prior geopolitical flashpoints, the fighting doesn’t just occur in the physical paradigm. Rather, combatants and their advocates engage in an informational war. A clear example of this is Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. The Federal Bureau of Investigation seeks to arrest multiple Russian agents for conspiracy charges.

Further, data from Statista reveals that Russia is the major source of phishing attacks around the globe. With that, analysts unsurprisingly see 15.9% growth in the top line to $7.99 billion for fiscal 2024. Next year, this figure could rise to $9.13 billion. It’s easily one of the stocks to buy for global conflict.

Iron Mountain (IRM)

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Structured as a real estate investment trust or REIT, Iron Mountain (NYSE:IRM) mixes an old-school business model with modern security services. Per its corporate profile, Iron Mountain is a global leader in information management services. Originally, it started as a platform for protecting its clients’ documents and assets. Later on, it began providing digital storage and security solutions.

In any scenario, it’s vital for enterprises – especially government agencies – to keep important documents and records away from the source infrastructure. You just never know what might happen, from accidents to environmental calamities. Further, the geopolitical backdrop suggests that adversarial nations and entities can attempt to compromise American businesses and infrastructure. Therefore, document and asset storage and protection has never been more important.

Notably, this dynamic has not been ignored on Wall Street. Instead, experts anticipate that current fiscal year revenue could hit $6.09 billion. If so, we’re talking about an 11.1% growth rate from last year’s print of $5.48 billion. Lastly, IRM carries a unanimous strong buy rating. So, it’s a great candidate for stocks to buy for global conflict.

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)

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Focused on the consulting services sector, Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) provides management and technology consulting, analytics, engineering, digital solutions, mission operations, and cyber services to governments, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. Primarily, BAH is a candidate for stocks to buy for global conflict due to its relevance in the information war space.

According to the company’s website, Booz Allen addresses the Department of Defense’s most vital challenges. In particular, the technology consultation firm provides command, control and communications and battle management. In addition, the firm helps in the field of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, along with electronic warfare. That’s going to be especially crucial given the cunning nature of modern-day threats.

Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that China is developing the “ability to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure at a time of its choosing.” Therefore, it’s essential to have a response ready. Just as significantly, the response needs to be measured, demonstrating that America means business without inviting unnecessary escalation.

Analysts anticipate that fiscal 2024 revenue will hit $10.61 billion, up 14.5% from last year. That’s more than a credible forecast based on current realities.

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