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If you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2013, you would now have enough to buy an average home in Philadelphia — and enough to completely furnish it through one of Snoop Dogg’s favorite retailers. You could even buy that furniture directly with Bitcoin, thanks to rapidly growing support for the digital currency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today. Read onward to find everything you need to get started with crypto, whether it be a thorough Bitcoin guide or a detailed look into the most promising altcoins. Or check out this special presentation for details on how to become a member of the world’s first Crypto Investor Network.

Baby Doge Coin Price Predictions: What’s Next for the BABYDOGE Crypto?

Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE-USD) price predictions are on the minds of traders today as the crypto runs higher alongside a recovery on Friday.

3 Cryptos to Sell Before You’re Left Holding the Bag

Cryptos are a hot topic and are now seen as commodities by many investors. So, let's take a closer look at three cryptos to sell right now.

Meta Furthers Web 3.0 Push With Instagram NFTs and Rebranded Meta Pay Service

Meta Platforms is continuing its push into the world of Web 3.0 by testing NFTs on Instagram and revamping Facebook Pay.

Coinbase Announces Consolidation of Pro Exchange, COIN Stock Jumps

Coinbase is announcing plans to dissolve the Coinbase Pro app, moving many of the best features to the company's flagship app.

Polygon Network Leads Market Gainers With DAO Cleanup Efforts

The Polygon network is leading top projects today as it rolls out changes to its DAO structure and welcomes more whale investments.

7 Cryptos to Buy for a Bear Market

These Cryptos to Buy for a Bear Market are trading at multi-year lows and could pay many dividends down the line for patient investors

6 Deeply Oversold Cryptos Worth Buying Right Now

These 6 deeply oversold cryptos are soaked in a blood bath of horrendous selling pressure, but that makes them ripe for speculative investors.

6 Deeply Oversold Cryptos Worth Buying Right Now

These 6 deeply oversold cryptos are soaked in a blood bath of horrendous selling pressure, but that makes them ripe for speculative investors.

NFT Games Have People Coming Back Even in a Bear Market

Active users are crucial to a crypto project’s long-term success. And one group seems to be retaining users surprisingly well: the NFT games.

Crypto News: What the SEC, the Fed and Congress Are Saying About Crypto Today

Big crypto news stories this week hone in on regulation as Congress and the Federal Reserve meet to talk cryptocurrency laws.

Bitcoin Price Predictions: What’s Next for BTC as the BITI ETF Takes Off?

Today, investor's interest in Bitcoin price predictions has surged, as they price in what a new inverse ETF could mean for this top token.

Why Is Voyager Digital (VYGVF) Stock Down 50% Today?

Today's incredible 50% selloff in VYGVF stock shows just how spooked crypto investors are about potential contagion right now.

Binance News: Crypto Exchange Ups Competition With Fee-Free Bitcoin Trading

Today's Binance news sees the exchange giant setting a new precedent, eliminating fees on Bitcoin trades for U.S. users.

Shiba Inu Price Predictions: Can Meme Crypto SHIB Survive a Bear Market?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a hot topic among traders as the meme token went through a rally that has some wondering where new price predictions sit.

7 Cryptos to Consider Selling on Strength Amid a Dark Economy

Amid severe economic pressures, the data indicates many stakeholders of cryptos are dumping out, warranting much caution.

Voyager Token Price Predictions: Where Will the VGX Crypto Go Next?

Voyager Token (VGX) price predictions are worth checking on today as the crypto continues to suffer from the recent crash.

Cardano Prices Shrink After Delay of Major Hard Fork Upgrade

Cardano investors are disappointed to hear this week that developers are delaying the Vasil hard fork upgrade for another month.

BITI ETF Gains as Investors Look to Short Bitcoin Amid Crypto Crash

The ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF, or BITI, has gotten off to a strong start as investors bet against the biggest cryptocurrency.

Trevor Lawrence Crypto Contract Proves Crypto Is Still Not Fit for Payments

The Trevor Lawrence crypto contract inked by the fledgling NFL quarterback is now turning out to be a poorly made decision so far.

A “Line in the Sand” for Bitcoin – and Solana

Today we’ve got bad news and good news for Bitcoin (BTC-USD)…trouble brewing at Solana (SOL-USD)…and FTX (FTT-USD) attempting to bail out some industry peers.