Pharmaceutical Stocks

Pharmaceutical stocks have grown tremendously as medicine advances. With diseases like Covid-19, diabetes, liver disease and other illnesses affecting more and more of the population, pharmaceutical companies are racing to find cures – further advancing medicine and driving pharma stock prices higher.

Big Pharma corporations like AstraZeneca, Merck & Co., Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson are leading the charge against the novel coronavirus, competing with smaller biotech names — such as Moderna and Novavax. The race to find a Covid-19 vaccine has sent both pharma and biotech stocks to the moon.

Blockbuster Clinical Results Shine a Positive Light on Sunshine Biopharma

An SEC filing may have deterred some traders from holding SBFM stock. However, a closer look at the facts should clear up any confusion.

The Top 7 Pharmaceutical Stocks for the Next 10 Years 

Pharmaceutical stocks can be a great investment in a unique niche of the market. The stocks on this list will be strong for a decade plus.

4 Pharmaceutical Stocks That Aren’t Worth Their Outsized 2020 Gains

Now that companies such as Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have emerged with viable vaccines against Covid-19, the hype around many pharmaceutical stocks is fading. Here are four stocks investors should be weary of in the weeks ahead.

10 Stocks Riding on the Covid-19 Recovery

With pandemic fears shuttering many economies, most investments have cratered. However, a small group of coronavirus stocks may offer significant upside potential.

7 Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy for Post-Pandemic Gains

Much of the conversation about pharmaceutical stocks rests on the coronavirus, but these high-growth names have potential beyond the pandemic.

Don’t Judge Pfizer by Its Vaccine Efforts

Pfizer hopes its cash and production infrastructure can quickly replace revenue lost in the spin-out of its generics and consumer businesses.

NowRX Puts Pharmacists in a Warehouse and Employees Making the Delivery

Right now NowRX is only operating in California, where it has delivered 150,000 prescriptions to 18,000 customers. But it has nationwide ambitions.

Abbvie Stock is Offering Investors an Oil Yield Without Oil’s Risk

Analysts call ABBV stock a bargain after its $63 billion purchase of Allergan, whose existing drugs and pipeline are now expected to replace revenue from Humira.

The Amazon of Pharmacy: NowRx Could Be a Big Winner

Pharmacy start-up NowRx is in the very early stages of disrupting the $400 billion legacy pharmacy market.

AbbVie Is More Than Just a Portfolio of Drugs and Acquisitions

With AbbVie's buyout of Allergan officially finalized, ABBV stock has moved significantly higher since then. However, ABBV is so much more than this headline event.

5 Healthcare Stocks That Are Profitable but Also Cheap

These five healthcare stocks have low P/E ratios and ample yields, making them cheap and profitable options for investors.

Gilead Sciences Stock: Still Cheap but Don’t Count On a Coronavirus Rally

Gilead Sciences has scored a lot of attention with its drug that may treat coronavirus. That doesn't necessarily make GILD stock a buy yet, though.

Its Powerful Pipeline Shows Pfizer Stock Is Undervalued by 15%

Pfizer stock is gearing up for a strong 2020 as the company spins out is generics drug business, completing a merger with Mylan.

3 Up-and-Coming Drug Stocks to Buy Now

These drug stocks all have tremendous potential as these small companies work to treat widespread diseases in the U.S. and beyond.

Amarin Stock is Still Fully Valued Despite All the Good News

AMRN stock is likely fairly priced -- possibly even overpriced -- right now. It might take more time before analysts and the company actually raise their revenue and cash flow estimates based on patient uptake of Vascepa.

Buffett Owns Teva Stock, But Should You?

Teva stock has been a long-term loser, but there are signs that things are starting to turn around. Should investors consider it in 2020?

7 Healthcare Stocks to Buy or Sell As Pricing Pressures Mount

Politicians have investors in healthcare stocks nervous as the 2020 election nears. Here's a guide to which firms are good choices and which you should avoid.

3 Top Drug Stocks to Own In 2020

Some of the biggest catalysts for future growth in drug stocks include the millions of retiring baby boomers, and new innovative treatments for a variety of medical issues.

Embattled TEVA Has Made Headlines for All of the Wrong Reasons

Teva Pharmaceuticals is under the glare of legal and regulatory scrutiny. However, TEVA will eventually find its way because frankly, it has to.