7 Boring Stocks Offering Consistent Growth and Long-Term Stability


  • Nvidia (NVDA): Nvidia’s growth window is all but assured, making it a good pick for even conservative investors.
  • Dorian LPG (LPG): It pays a quarterly dividend of $1 per share, which, at today’s prices, is a dividend yield of 9.5%.
  • Snowflake (SNOW): The company’s product revenue growth jumped 34% in the third quarter to $698.5 million. 
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stocks for growth and long-term stability - 7 Boring Stocks Offering Consistent Growth and Long-Term Stability

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Who says that investing needs to be exciting? Highs and lows, thrills and dread, never knowing what comes next. That’s the life of an investor with a high-risk tolerance. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you’re just looking to make money, and do it with stable stocks for growth and long-term stability.

Some people may call that boring. But Warren Buffett amassed a fortune by investing in so-called boring stocks with a consistent growth window and long-term stability. And I don’t think anyone accuses Buffett of being a bad investor.

The stocks on this list are rated as a conservative bet in the Portfolio Grader. That’s a free tool that evaluates stocks based on earnings performance, revenue and income growth, analyst sentiment, momentum, and other factors.

Moreover, each of these stocks has an “A” rating for growth in the Portfolio Grader and above-average overall marks in the tool.

If you’re looking to reduce volatility and find some stocks you can hold for the long term, this list is for you. These stocks for growth and long-term stability will keep you in the game and let you sleep well at night.

Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia corporation (NVDA) logo displayed on smartphone with stock market chart background. Nvidia is a global leader in artificial intelligence hardware and software
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I can hear the howls of protest now. How can Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), which was the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 last year with a 239% gain be considered a conservative pick?

After all, this company powered the generative artificial intelligence revolution last year, cornering over 85% of the market with its powerful chips that make generative AI possible. Nvidia’s revenue grew by leaps and bounds last year, and the company’s market capitalization soared to $1.2 trillion.

I get it. But Nvidia is a conservative pick because these gains aren’t short-lived. The demand for generative AI will only increase, and Nvidia will maintain the lion’s share of that market, even as other competitors join the field.

Analysts believe Nvidia is undervalued due to its low forward P/E ratio of 25, the lowest since 2018. Despite Nvidia’s share price nearing $500, its expected $20 billion quarterly revenue makes it a bargain.

NVDA stock gets “A” ratings for growth and overall in the Portfolio Grader.

Dorian LPG (LPG)

Ship tanker gas LPG, Aerial view Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanker, Tanker ship logistic and transportation business oil and gas industry, Loading arm oil and gas offshore platforms.
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Dorian LPG (NYSE:LPG) is a liquified petroleum gas shipping company. It operates 25 modern very large gas carriers called VLGCs with a 2.1 million cubic meters capacity.

Maybe that sounds boring. But transporting fuel products is a lucrative business. People use liquified petroleum gases in everything from gas barbecue grills to ovens, gas fireplaces, and portable heaters.

The stock had a great run, gaining 135% over the last year. It also pays a quarterly dividend of $1 per share, which at today’s prices is a dividend yield of 9.5%.

Earnings for the second fiscal quarter of 2024 (ending Sept. 30, 2023) included revenue of $144.7 million, up from $76 million a year ago. Income of $76.5 million and $1.90 per share was a big improvement from a year ago when LPG brought in $20.3 million and 51 cents per share.

LPG stock gets “A” ratings for growth and overall in the Portfolio Grader.

Snowflake (SNOW)

Snowflake symbol and logo at the company corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. SNOW stock.
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Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) is growing in importance as artificial intelligence becomes more popular. The cloud computing company provides a data-as-a-service platform that helps users store and analyze data points.

AI takes a tremendous amount of computing power. Snowflake can connect multiple public clouds to help companies offering AI services power their applications.

Snowflake’s revenue growth is also impressive. The company’s product revenue grew 34% in the third quarter to $698.5 million. Snowflake expects product revenue of $716 million to $721 million in the fourth quarter, which would be 30% growth from a year ago.

SNOW stock is up 31% in the last year. It gets an “A” rating for growth and a “B” rating overall in the Portfolio Grader.

CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD)

A sign with the Crowdstrike (CRWD) company logo
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Every day, more of our lives are online. Be it our finances, medical records or how we work, computers and technology will play an outsized role in our lives. That’s why companies like CrowdStrike Holdings (NASDAQ:CRWD) will be so important and why it’s a solid growth stock.

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that provides a cloud-based platform called Falcon. The platform operates as a security-as-a-service model that prevents malware and intrusions.

By using AI to monitor billions of data points at a time, CrowdStrike’s platform can identify unusual behavior and flag it as malicious. Essentially, CrowdStrike can take action to prevent bad actors from hacking data before they have an opportunity to get in.

CrowdStrike’s revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2024 (ending Oct. 31, 2023) was strong, up 35% from a year ago to $786 million. Subscription revenue was up 34% to $733.5 million.

CRWD stock is up 172% in the last year and gets “A” ratings for growth and overall in the Portfolio Grader.

Live Nation Entertainment (LYV)

Twitter account of popular US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in Twitter website seen in iPhone on Live Nation (LYV) logo background. Selective focus
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Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE:LYV) is a leading live entertainment company with access to sporting events, concerts, comedy shows and more.

Live Nation operates Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, Venue Nation and Live Nation Sponsorship.

Live Nation is involved in over 44,000 concert events per year and more than 100 annual festivals. It operates in over 45 countries, making it the planet’s biggest producer of live entertainment.

Live Nation is so dominant it’s getting attention in Washington. There’s reportedly a federal investigation of alleged antitrust violations, with investigators seeking to learn if Live Nation forced venues to sign anticompetitive agreements. Congress also is paying attention.

Meanwhile, Live Nation says the third quarter was its best ever. Revenue was $8.2 billion, up 32%% from a year ago. And operating income was up 22% to $619 million.

Live Nation expects double-digit growth in 2024 in both sponsorships and large venue shows, giving it a solid pathway to growth.

LYV stock is up 19% in the last year. It gets an “A” rating for growth and a “B” rating overall in the Portfolio Grader.

Li Auto (LI)

Li Auto electric car in store. Li Auto Also known as Li Xiang, is a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company
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I remain a big fan of Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI), which I think is not only the best Chinese electric vehicle stock on the market, but one of the best auto stocks you can buy overall.

Li delivered over 600,000 vehicles in 2023, tops among China’s new energy automakers. In December, production topped 50,000 for the first time.

Li delivered nearly 132,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter, which was an increase of 184% from a year ago.

Li announced a partnership with Nvidia to use their Drive Thor for Li’s next fleet of electric vehicles. Drive Thor is a system for autonomous driving, but can also be used for in-vehicle AI and infotainment systems.

Li should also get a boost early in 2024 with the planned rollout of its new multipurpose vehicle, the Li Mega, on March 1. Orders for the Mega exceeded 10,000 in the first two hours the vehicle was available for reservations.

LI stock is up 44% in the last year. It gets an “A” rating for growth and a “B” overall in the Portfolio Grader.

Cameco (CCJ)

CCJ Stock: Hand in long yellow glove holding a chunk of uranium material
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Cameco (NYSE:CCJ) is a uranium company based in Canada. The company has uranium operations in Canada, the U.S. and Kazakhstan.

When enriched, uranium is used to power nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors in naval ships and submarines. It can be used as a counterweight for aircraft control surfaces and radiation shielding.

Uranium prices have risen, reaching their highest levels since 2007 as demand increases. Analysts believe that prices will rise higher in 2024 as uranium users will be prompted to seek sources outside of Russia, which remains embroiled in Western sanctions because of its invasion of Ukraine.

Cameco also recently completed its acquisition of 49% of Westinghouse Electric, which is one of the world’s biggest nuclear services businesses. The remainder of the company is owned by Brookfield Asset Management.

Cameco’s Q3 report showed revenue of $575 million, up 48% from a year ago. The company also had a gross profit of $152 million, up from $25 million in the same quarter a year ago.

CCJ stock is up 96% in the last year. It gets “A” ratings for growth and overall in the Portfolio Grader.

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