7 Stocks With the Best Chance to 20X in the Next Decade


  • Lithium Americas (LAC): Thacker Pass’s high yield potential and GM’s strategic $650 million investment make LAC a prime lithium market pick
  • SoundHound AI (SOUN): Nvidia’s $3.7 million investment positions SOUN stock as a promising conversational AI investment
  • BigBear.ai Holdings (BBAI): Transitioning into visual AI, BBAI’s massive backlog and high-profile clients like Amazon Web Services spotlight its growth trajectory
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20X Stocks - 7 Stocks With the Best Chance to 20X in the Next Decade

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Unlocking 20x stocks in the next decade starts with emerging tech. As investors hunt for opportunities that promise twentyfold gains, focusing on sectors where innovation is exploding is imperative. The landscape of potential is vast, with artificial intelligence, renewable energy, biotechnology, fintech and other tech verticals leading the charge. These domains aren’t just riding the wave of current trends; they’re effectively creating the tsunamis of change in our future.

Each sector, from AI’s deep integration across various sectors to renewable energy’s critical role in combating climate change, each emerging sector offers unique pathways for stellar returns. Savvy investors can navigate toward a future brimming with possibility by leveraging the breakthroughs in these developing sectors. The journey to 20x returns is paved with challenges, but the rewards could be monumental for those ready to invest in the next wave of tech advancements.

Lithium Americas (LAC)

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Lithium Americas (NYSE:LAC)  stands out as a remarkably undervalued bet in the lithium sector, powered by its Thacker Pass project in Nevada. A feasibility study revealed a productive potential of 80,000 tons per annum of lithium carbonate equivalent and a massive 40-year mine life boasting a 21.4% internal rate of return.

Its projected average annual EBITDA is at a whopping $1.1 billion, compared with its current market cap of roughly $743 million, highlighting the sector’s undervaluation. The strategic backing by General Motors (NYSE:GM) through a $650 million investment and a ten-year offtake agreement cements the project’s financial viability.

As lithium demand escalates, LAC’s stock is on the cusp of a remarkable ascent, buoyed by Thacker Pass’s strong financial underpinnings. This collaboration secures the project’s funding, ensuring a steady demand for its phase one lithium production and setting the stage for exponential growth. Hence, those eyeing long-term gains in the green energy revolution should consider Lithium Americas a potent addition to their portfolios.

SoundHound AI (SOUN)

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SoundHound AI (NASDAQ:SOUN) experienced a meteoric bump in its stock price, spurred by a massive investment from tech giant Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) . Nvidia’s strategic placement of $3.7 million into the up-and-coming conversational AI player signals robust confidence in the firm’s potential. It catapulted SoundHound AI’s share price by over 60%.

The backing from a tech behemoth like Nvidia adds a layer of credibility to SOUN stock’s bull case. In the past couple of quarters, the company comfortably beat top-line estimates, posting double-digit growth.

Furthermore, Tipranks’ analysts assign a ‘strong buy’ rating and project a 17% upside from its current price. Therefore, SOUN stock stands out as an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to tap into the progressions of conversational AI tech.

BigBear.ai Holdings (BBAI)

AI stocks
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BigBear.ai Holdings (NYSE:BBAI) emerges as a quintessential high-risk, high-reward investment positioning itself as a top player in the algorithmic decision intelligence arena.

The firm’s prowess in aiding complex decision-making processes while enhancing efficiency across a myriad of sectors, including supply chains, autonomous systems, and others. Its distinguished clientele includes giants such as Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Web Services.

The company’s ambitious foray into the visual AI market, particularly with its acquisition of Pangiam Intermediate, signals a pivot to grow its competencies in computer vision, biometrics, and facial recognition technologies. A $170 million backlog stands testament to its promising future business prospects.

Its fiscal prudence has catalyzed a remarkable financial turnaround, as evidenced by a net income of $4 million in the third-quarter of 2023, a stark contrast to a $16.1 million loss in the same quarter last year.


A concept image of a processor representing quantum computing. IONQ Stock
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IonQ (NYSE:IONQ) is arguably the top pure-play in the quantum computing space and the sole provider with systems accessible across all top cloud platforms.

Its unique positioning, along with the endorsement of top analysts, underscores IonQ’s pivotal role in the sphere. The company’s claim to the world’s most powerful trapped-ion quantum computer is solidified by its achievement of 35 algorithmic qubits, surpassing expectations ahead of schedule.

This breakthrough enhances the capabilities of the IonQ Forte Computer, especially in quantum machine learning applications signaling IonQ’s tech prowess and potential for future growth.

Adding to the optimism, IonQ has updated its financial outlook, increasing its full-year sales guidance to $21.2 million to $22 million, up from the previously projected $18.9 million to $19.3 million. Its full-year bookings forecast fell within the $60 million to $63 million, reflecting a significant jump from the initial $49 million to $56 million range.

Archer Aviation (ACHR)

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The burgeoning flying car market, particularly in electric vertical take-off and landing stocks, is on the cusp of a major commercial stride. Within the next couple of years, the sector will transition from development to commercialization.

The eVTOL market itself is projected to soar, expected to hit $23.4 trillion by 2030, from $1.2 billion in 2023.

Among the promising contenders, Archer Aviation (NYSE:ACHR) stands out as a prime investment choice. Its progress is noteworthy, having successfully completed the first phase of its flight-testing program.

It sets the stage for the firm to embark on piloted “for credit” testing with the Federal Aviation Authority in the second-half of the year, eyeing commercial flight launches in the U.S. by 2025. Moreover, Archer’s strategic vision extends beyond domestic markets, with partnerships in the UAE and India aiming to introduce air taxi services by 2026.

Nerdy (NRDY)

Nerdy (NYSE:NRDY) is efficiently capitalizing on AI’s transformative power within the expansive edTech sector to redefine learning experiences.

Its platform offers personalized tutoring, embedded assessments, and automated study plans, demonstrating its forward-thinking. This investment in AI has catalyzed a surge in user engagement, boosting revenue-per-user and achieving impressive annual recurring revenue of $164 million.

Its remarkable growth trajectory is evident from its Q3 performance, with learning membership subscriptions hitting 39,500 and average revenue-per-user per month skyrocketing to $346, more than tripling from the previous year.

Its solid financial foundation, marked by $84 million in cash and zero debt, ensures its stellar position in the edTech landscape. With annual sales growth projected at over 20%, Nerdy stands at the forefront of the AI-driven educational revolution.

Nano Dimension (NNDM)

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Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM) is a powerful trailblazer in 3D printing and is likely to deliver a standout year amidst the shifting investor trends.

While the dazzle of AI technologies has overshadowed the 3D printing space, NNDM’s recent performance signals a sturdy comeback. The company’s trajectory suggests a promising future, with a reported 22% year-over-year revenue growth in Q3 and a cumulative organic revenue increase of 33% for the year.

The confidence in NNDM’s potential is further bolstered by CEO Yoav Stern’s optimistic outlook, forecasting 2023 as the company’s best year yet in terms of top-line expansion.

This anticipation aligns with the expansion of the global 3D printing market, which is anticipated to soar from $18.33 billion in 2022 to $105.9 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 24.9% through the decade. Hence, NNDM stock presents an intriguing opportunity in the burgeoning growth of the 3D printing sector.

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