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How to Use The Calculator

We all like to see exactly how much money we’re going to make, so I’ve created this special return calculator just for what we do here in Cannabis Cash Weekly.

It’s very easy to use. Simply enter the following information:

  1. Share Price of the underlying stock itself – either the current price if you don’t own it or the price at which you bought it if you do.
  2. Strike Price of the call option you are selling.
  3. Call Option Premium, which is the amount you received (or will receive based on the bid price) when selling the option. (This is per share, not multiplied by 100 as in a full contract.)
  4. Start Date, which is the day you sell the call option.
  5. Date of Option Expiration: The month, day, and year that the call option you’re selling expires.

Then click Calculate Gain, and you will see the annualized gain on the left and the actual percentage gain on the right. Note: The gains are based on the stock being above the strike price on the option expiration date. The stock will then be called away, meaning it will be sold at the strike price. If the stock is not called away, we will sell additional calls to generate more income.

If you need help understanding any of these terms, check out our Cannabis Cash Weekly Glossary. And remember that a complete explanation of how we are trading can be found in the .