Apple Rumors

Monday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Glitch Stops Cellular Service

Monday's Apple Rumors include a hissing noise coming from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, two augmented reality hires and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Survives Water, Drop & Bend Tests

Friday's Apple Rumors have owners of the new iPhone 7 putting it through water, drop, bend and other tests to see how it holds up. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: More Apps Will Use Pencil in iPad Pro 2

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include speculation about the iPad mini 5, the first video teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus and more. More 

Apple Inc. Rumors: iPhone 7 Reviews Are Out

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include iPhone 7 reviews, a report of the 2017 iPhone's Home Button and battery life concerns in iOS 10. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: iOS 10 Apps Are Showing Up in the App Store

Monday's Apple Rumors include a ceramic shell for the iPhone 8, improved battery life for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Preorders Are Open

Friday's Apple Rumors include delayed in-store pickup for the iPhone 7, the cost of the Lightning to headphone jack adapter and more. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: iOS 10 Golden Master Public Beta is Out

Thursday's Apple Rumors include issues with the Jet Black iPhone 7, limitations while listening to music and charging an iPhone 7 and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Super Mario Run Coming to App Store

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include 'Super Mario Run' for iOS, a Tweet about the iPhone 7 release date and new AAPL trademarks. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: AAPL Accidentally Confirms iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a further teardown of possible Apple Watch 2 parts, high-end EarPods and listings for the iPhone 7. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: AAPL May Announce New Beats on Sept. 7

Friday's Apple Rumors include new Beats, the App Store getting cleaned up and activity from the official Apple Twitter account. More