Apple Rumors

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple May be Working on Stylus for iPad Pro

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a patent for eye-tracking technology, more banks added to Apple Pay and a possible iPad stylus. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Patent Shows Possible New Touch ID Uses

Thursday's Apple Rumors include 1 million new users a week signing up for iBooks, more Apple Stores being opened in China and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 12-Inch MacBook Air May Be Released in Q1 2015

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include the company possibly using its on chips for MacBooks in the next few years, a patent for a 3D UI and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: Chinese Company Sells Fake Apple Watch at CES

Friday's Apple Rumors include a possible March launch for Apple Pay in Canada, a dismissed lawsuit against Apple and more. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Possible iPad Pro Mold Image Leaked

Thursday's Apple Rumors include the iPhone 7 possibly have an OLED screen, price increase on apps for some users and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iOS 8 Adoption Rate Reaches 68%

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a working demo for the Apple Watch, a new Apple Store being built in China and adoption rates for iOS 8. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Watch May be Released in March

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include possible MacBook Air designs, a patent for bendable portable devices and a release date for Apple Watch. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple May Not Be Working on a 4-Inch iPhone

Monday's Apple Rumors include a possible sketch for the iPad Pro, the first ad platform for Watch and a claim against a 4-inch iPhone 6. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release 4-Inch iPhone Mini

Friday's Apple Rumors include the Photos beta going dark, e-straps that connect to Apple devices and iPhone mini speculation. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Faces iOS 8 Storage Lawsuit

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a list of Apple devices possibly coming out in 2015, a lawsuit over iOS storage and more. More