Apple Rumors

Thursday Apple Rumors: Mac Owners Are Having App Issues

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a new OS X 10.11.2 to public beta, a teardown of the iPad Pro and issues with apps on Macs. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Acquires 6 Mystery Companies in 2015

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include the start of online ordering for the iPad Pro and it showing up in select Apple Stores early. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: More Activity on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a new beta for tvOS 9.1, a beta for Apple Music on Android devices and activity on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Online Orders for iPad Pro Start Wednesday

Monday's Apple Rumors include the release of a tvOS update, the new Steve Jobs movie being pulled from theaters and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release iPad Pro on Nov. 13

Friday's Apple Rumors include a Safari hack for Apple TV, problems with Touch ID in iOS 9.1 and a possible release date for the iPad Pro. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple Files Patent for ‘Panic Mode’ for iPhones

Thursday's Apple Rumors include folders in Apple TV, orders for iPhone 7 LCD Displays and a patent for a 'Panic Mode' for iPhones. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 May Include More RAM Than iPhone 6s

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include limitation for Siri with Apple TV, a possible new campus project and some possible iPhone 7 specs. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Patent Shows Off Force Touch for Keyboards

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the release of new betas for iOS 9.2 and tvOS 9.1, as well as an interesting Force Touch patent. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Quietly Launches Indoor Survey App

Monday's Apple Rumors include negative Beat Pill+ reviews, Facebook forcing employees to switch to Android and a new app. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPad Pro May See Nov. 11 Release

Friday's Apple Rumors include estimates for Android users switching to iOS, a new iOS and Android app for Beats Pill+ and more. More