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Apple Rumors

Thursday Apple Rumors: Leaks Shows iPhone 7 Colors

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a bigger battery for the upcoming iPhone 7, bids from AAPL on Formula One racing and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Faces iPhone 6s Battery Lawsuit

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include an image of a fake pair of Lightning EarPods, a new smartlight device called 'Socket' and more. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Possible iPhone 7 Plus Images Leak

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include leaked images of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a possible repair center coming to Russia. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: 4.7-inch iPhone 7 Rear Shell Image Leaks

Monday's Apple Rumors include a bug in the public beta of iOS 10, more reports of iPhone ransom attacks from hackers and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: 50% of iPhone Owners Will Upgrade in 2016

Friday's Apple Rumors include a possible iCloud data breach, details for the iOS Developer Academy located in Europe and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Complete iPhone 7 Image Leaks

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include new features for the iPhone 7, leaked CAD iPhone 7 renderings and a partially completed iPhone 7. More 

M&A News: Apple Inc. in Talks to Buy Jay-Z’s Tidal Music App

Apple is reportedly interested in acquiring hip-hop artist Jay-Z's music streaming app Tidal to help its own Music service. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 May Not Have 16GB, 64GB Versions

Thursday's Apple Rumors include anticompetitive claims from Spotify, a free app for iPhone owners and iPhone 7 storage rumors. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Home Button May Use Force Touch

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include development kits for Lightning headphones, leaked Lightning Earpod headphone images and more. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: AAPL May Be Expecting Low iPhone 7 Demand

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include two new patents filed by the company and low demand expectations for the iPhone 7. More