Apple Rumors

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Next iPhone Could Have a 3D Display

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include the next iPhone possibly having a glasses-less 3D display, possible prices for the Apple Watch and more. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iOS 8.1.1 Beta Released to Developers

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the release of the first iOS 8.1.1 beta to developers, a patent for a new navigation device and more. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Possible iPad Pro Specs Revealed

Monday's Apple Rumors include possible specs for the iPad Pro, Beats being added to select Southwest flights and upcoming iPhone 6 sales. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Have Fixed iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate

Friday's Apple rumors include beta testing for the new Office for Mac and a ruling that users have to unlock phones with their fingerprints. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple May Sell iPhones in Iran

Thursday's Apple Rumors include Wi-Fi connection issues with Yosemite, a reversal on the company's no calculator rule for iOS 8 and more. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Calculator Widgets Aren’t Allowed on iOS 8

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include an Apple Watch interface for jailbroken iPhones, limited supply of new iPhones keeping prices up and more. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Faces Lawsuit Over 2011 MacBook Pro Issues

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a possible update to Microsoft Office for Mac, Tim Cook talking about the Apple Watch and more. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: New iPod Touch Rumored for Early 2015

Monday's Apple Rumors include Yosemite adoption rates, new iPads not being able to use Apple Pay's tap-to-pay feature and more. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: 128GB iPhone 6 Plus Owners Report Crashes

Friday's Apple Rumors include reports of iPhone 6 Plus crashes, AT&T locking iPad SIM cards and Amazon Rewards Visa card added to Apple Pay. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Nike May Continue Partnership with Apple

Thursday's Apple Rumors include more retail locations being added in China, expansions to TestFlight iOS app betas and more. More