Just Another Merger Monday: Monday’s IP Market Recap

Markets reacted well in early trading to a report showing slower durable goods sales, but gains moved into negative territory by the end of the day. More 

Feds Investigate Jeep Grand Cherokee Ceiling Fires

Chrysler is working with U.S. safety regulators after three separate complaints about the ceilings catching fire on the passenger side while the Jeep Grand Cherokees were in use. More 

Who Wins in the ‘Golden Era’ of Car Ownership?

A new study shows why now is the best time to own a car. Here are a few stocks that could benefit from this golden age of car ownership. More 

GM to Offer Wireless Phone Charging Feature in Some Vehicles

Wireless charging pads will be built in to some 2014 GM vehicle models. More 

US Auto Factories Being Pushed to Their Limits

Climbing car sales are prompting US auto giants to keep factories running over-time to produce enough vehicles. More 

Toyota Has Full-Size Truck Envy

Japanese auto giant Toyota wants to muscle in on U.S. pickup sales, but will its revamped Toyota Tundra really be able to unseat the likes of F-Series or Silverado? More 

Ford’s Natural Gas-Burning F-150 Pickup Is a Game-Changer

Ford has staked its claim in a potentially lucrative green-vehicle niche by announcing it will launch a natural gas vehicle option for its popular F-150. More