7 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks to Shower You With Reliable Income


  • McDonald’s (MCD): McDonald’s features a popular business with a long track record of payouts.
  • Procter & Gamble (PG): Procter & Gamble benefits from longstanding brand awareness.
  • Target (TGT): Target could be insulated due to its consumer base’s higher-than-average income.
  • Amid uncertainties, sleep easy at night with these dividend stocks.
Dividend Stocks - 7 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks to Shower You With Reliable Income

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In a market cycle where the spotlight shines on artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies among other growth-centric concepts, targeting dividend stocks is inherently a conservative venture. Turns out, that might be the most prudent plan given the circumstances.

Fundamentally, geopolitical concerns have unsettled Wall Street. Tensions in the Middle East have resulted in two nations attacking each other. Fears now focus on global oil supplies and potential disruptions. That’s not including what’s happening in Europe and a potential regional response to the armed conflict.

If that wasn’t enough, a hot jobs market and soaring energy prices have resulted in stubbornly elevated inflation. And that means the Federal Reserve might delay interest rate cuts or perhaps even hike them. It’s an awkward situation, to say the least. Below are reliable dividend stocks to help you sleep easier at night.

McDonald’s (MCD)

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Fast-food stalwart McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) makes a strong case for trustworthy dividend stocks thanks to filling everyday needs. Yes, technically speaking, the Golden Arches aligns with the broader discretionary retail space. However, in our hectic world, people rarely have time to always cook at home. Sometimes, you need a quick bite to eat or to treat yourself to junk food on your “cheat” days.

For passive income, McDonald’s offers a forward yield of 2.46%. What’s notable here is that the company commands a track record of 48 years of consecutive dividend increases. Further, the payout ratio is reasonable at 49.48%. Thus, it’s one of the dividend stocks that will help investors get a good night’s rest.

For the current fiscal year, covering experts are seeking earnings per share of $12.40 on revenue of $26.86 billion. That’s a solid improvement over last year’s results of $11.94 EPS on sales of $25.49 billion. Combined with a moderate buy rating and a consensus price target of $323.30, MCD presents a great choice amid the troubles.

Procter & Gamble (PG)

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Another strong player for dividend stocks to buy, Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) sells itself under the circumstances. As a manufacturer of various home and personal care products, P&G is a boring enterprise. However, boring tends to mean permanently relevant. What helps the company is generational awareness. Consumers may have a tendency of buying products with which they are most familiar.

Let’s talk passive income. Right now, P&G offers a forward yield of 2.55%. It’s not the most generous yield but it runs above the consumer staple sector’s average of 1.89%. Also, the payout ratio isn’t bad at 57.94%. However, the kicker for me is the track record. With 68 years of consecutive annual dividend increases, it’s a dividend king.

For the current fiscal year, experts anticipate EPS to reach $6.45. That’s a sizable move from last year’s result of $5.90. Also, revenue could land at $84.7 billion, up 3.3% from last year’s print of $82.01 billion. Further, fiscal 2025’s top line could rise to $87.88 billion.

Analysts peg shares as a moderate buy with a $169.60 price target.

Target (TGT)

tgt stock
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A big-box retailer, Target (NYSE:TGT) may face pressure amid the broader economic anxieties. However, as far as its direct peers are concerned, the only consumer base that features a higher average income is the one undergirding Costco (NASDAQ:COST). Of course, Target has the benefit of scooping up transactions from everyone because it’s not a membership-only store.

Right now, Target offers a forward dividend yield of 2.61%. Again, it’s not outstandingly high. However, it does beat the underlying consumer staples sector. What’s noteworthy is that the payout ratio is quite low at 41.77%. This provides confidence for yield sustainability. Also, the company enjoys a track record of 53 years of payout increases.

For the current fiscal year (2025), circumstances are a bit tricky, Experts anticipate EPS to hit $9.40, above last year’s result of $8.94. That’s the good news. However, forecasted revenue is only $107.19 billion, slightly below parity against fiscal 2024’s print.

Still, the following year could see sales rise to $111.18 billion. Notably, analysts rate shares a moderate buy with a $183.62 average price target.

Iron Mountain (IRM)

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As a candidate for boring dividend stocks, it might not get more boring than Iron Mountain (NYSE:IRM). That said, I couldn’t help but notice that IRM was one of the few securities that moved higher during Friday’s downturn. Fundamentally, that may be due to the underlying business. Iron Mountain specializes in holistic document and asset security – both the physical and digital kinds.

At a time of great uncertainty and nefarious activity, Iron Mountain looks awfully intriguing. It also happens to be one of the top dividend stocks, offering a forward yield of 3.46%. Now, the payout ratio is very elevated, no doubt. However, keep in mind that IRM is structured as a real estate investment trust. REITs tend to run hotter-than-average payout ratios.

Another enticing factor is that experts are optimistic about the financials. For fiscal 2024, they’re targeting EPS of $1.96, above last year’s print of $1.82. On the top line, sales could land at $6.09 billion. That’s up 11.1% from 2023’s haul of $5.48 billion. That’s not bad for a boring entity.


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Let’s keep the boring theme going with IBM (NYSE:IBM). A legacy tech giant, IBM has long lagged its innovation peers. However, it started to gain positive momentum in recent sessions. Since the start of the year, shares have gained more than 12% of equity value. Over the past 52 weeks, they’ve enjoyed a nearly 44% boost.

What I like about the company known as “Big Blue” is that it’s an unheralded player in artificial intelligence. While many other enterprises get the AI spotlight, IBM has been working diligently on machine learning and other innovations. Oh yeah – it also pays a forward yield of 3.66%. Further, the company enjoys 28 years of consecutive payout increases.

It doesn’t look like a one-off situation either. Experts anticipate EPS to reach $10.08, a solid improvement over last year’s print of $9.62. As for the top line, they’re seeking revenue of $63.61 billion, up 2.8% from 2023’s haul of $61.86 billion.

It’s boring but it’s relevant – and that’s what makes it one of the dividend stocks to buy.

Prologis (PLD)

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Another enterprise structured as a REIT, Prologis (NYSE:PLD) bills itself as the global leader in logistics real estate with a focus on high-barrier, high-growth markets. As of the end of last year, the company owned or had investments in ventures, properties and development projects that span approximately 1.2 billion square feet. Its facilities cover a diverse base of approximately 6,700 customers.

Because of its status as a large REIT, Prologis doesn’t disappoint in the passive income department. It offers a forward yield of 3.71%. Now, the payout ratio is high. However, REITs again often run this metric to what would otherwise be considered nosebleed levels. Also, the company enjoys 11 years of consecutive payout increases.

For the current fiscal year, analysts anticipate EPS to land at $2.47. Admittedly, that’s lower than last year’s result of $3.29. However, they’re also projecting sales of $7.74 billion, up 13.5% from last year’s tally of $6.82 billion. Next year, revenue may rise to $8.47 billion.

Prologis also enjoys a consensus strong buy view with a $146.29 average price target. Thus, it’s one of the dividend stocks with significant growth potential.

Realty Income (O)

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I’ll end this list of dividend stocks with another REIT, Realty Income (NYSE:O). Arguably the most popular REIT, Realty offers tremendous fundamental relevance. Its properties cover multiple consumer needs such as convenience stores, pharmacies and home improvement retailers, among other categories. Unless you anticipate such businesses going out of business, O stock should be a reasonably safe wager.

Of course, beyond the relevance, Realty truly comes alive thanks to its passive income. Presently, it features a forward yield of 5.81%. Also, the company enjoys a track record of 32 years of consecutive dividend increases. Significantly, Realty pays out on a monthly basis, thus aligning with the schedule of everyday life.

For the current fiscal year, analysts believe EPS could hit $1.53. That’s a big boost from last year’s print of $1.26. On the top line, they’re looking for sales of $4.94 billion, up 21% from last year’s haul of $4.08 billion. And the following year could bring revenue of $5.33 billion.

Realty carries a moderate buy rating with a $58.75 average price target.

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