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Industrial Stocks

Keep an Eye on Industrials for Shorts

Industrial stocks have been selling off since September 18 -- a setup that could be good for shorts. More 

Bull’s Eye Report: Kirby (KEX)

When our equity team is looking to add a stock to one of our portfolios, the Bull's Eye stock is generally their first choice. More 

The Massive Repercussions of Rising Treasury Yields

The sharp rise in Treasury yields has led to massive disruptions in the stock market, blurring the lines between rate sensitivity and more sustainable, fundamental trends. More 

Apple? Just a Bite, Please: ETF Alternatives for Hot Stock Picks

This week, we look at bundling recent InvestorPlace stock picks such as Apple and Comcast into exchange-traded funds. More 

First-Half Sector Winners Offer a Hint of What’s to Come

Financials, healthcare and consumer discretionary stocks are sheltered from both China's economic weakness and rising bond yields, which bodes well for their second-half outlook. More 

Why You Shouldn’t Heed Calls of a Market Top

Some well-respected technicians are calling for a breakdown, but I see the market building a bullish base. More 

3 Companies That Are Cashing In on Higher Gas Taxes

While we will all be spending more at the pump soon thanks to higher gas taxes, these three stocks could actually help you profit on that reality. Take a look. More 

ETF Alternatives for Last Week’s Hot Stocks

If you want to jump into industrial, consumer discretionary, media, energy or Internet stocks, considering bundling them through exchange-traded funds instead. More 

Rubber and Plastics: 2 to Love, 2 to Shun

You probably don't know these names -- or think too much about this category. But you should know about at least two of these boring companies. More 

Is 3M Still Killing It?

Though growth has slowed, its remains a well-focused and formidable company, but with a pricey stock right now. More