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By now you’ve surely heard the hype surrounding some of the biggest meme stocks: AMC Entertainment, Bed Bath & Beyond, Express. Meme stocks first made headlines in 2020 as investors on Reddit coordinated a short squeeze, sending GameStop shares soaring. Today, online communities on various social media platforms continue to rally around their favorite beaten-down names. If the companies are a little nostalgic and the stocks have a high short interest, even better. But which ones are actually solid investments? We’ve done the research – and combed through r/WallStreetBets – so you don’t have to.

Recent Meme Stocks Articles

Is Ryan Cohen Going to Save Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) Stock?

Some investors in embattled retailer Bed Bath & Beyond and BBBY stock are pricing in the potential for Ryan Cohen to join the fray once again.

CEO Adam Aron Is the Largest ‘Retail Shareholder’ in AMC Stock

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron is doubling down on his CEO of the people image. Here's why that can't save AMC stock.

Dear MEGL Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Jan. 31

Magic Empire (MEGL) stock and AMTD Digital (NHKD) stock have been trending in recent days on social media amid their massive rallies.

Dear HKD Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Jan. 11

HKD stock continued its rise overnight, but there's still not much to the company justifying anything like a $5.6 billion market cap.

Antara Capital Just Bought AMC Entertainment (APE) Preferred Equity Stock

Antara Capital has purchased 60 million APE units, partially fulfilling its agreement with AMC to purchase 106.59 million in APE stock.

Why Is AMTD Digital (HKD) Stock Up 80% Today?

The third short squeeze in HKD stock is unlikely to last any longer than the previous two, as there is no news to justify its major rise.

Cost to Borrow Mullen (MULN) Stock Falls 80% Overnight

Mullen's cost to borrow fee has fallen by 80% compared to yesterday, while short interest is elevated, sparking short squeeze speculation.

AMC Stock Alert: CEO Adam Aron Sounds Off Against ‘Twisted Conspiracy Theorists’

AMC Entertainment's CEO is clearly unafraid to court controversy. For today at least, AMC stock traders don't seem to take issue with this.

Dear BBBY Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Jan. 10

BBBY stock will rise or fall on the answers interim CEO Sue Gove gives when Bed Bath & Beyond reports November earnings on Jan. 10.

3 Video Game Stocks to Sell on Slowing Sales

These video game stocks to sell are reeling on the back of a major slowdown in video game sales this year.

Why Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) Stock Could Die in 2023

As analysts predict poor holiday sales, Bed Bath & Beyond, and BBBY stock, one of 2021's "meme stocks," may not make it through 2023.

CENN Stock Alert: Will Cenntro Electric Get Delisted?

CENN stock is trending after the EV maker announced that it had failed to comply with one of Nasdaq's rules. 

7 of the Best Meme Stocks to Double Down on in 2023

These meme stocks offer incredible upside and belong to tried-and-tested businesses that will continue to perform well across both lines.

MULN Stock Soars as I-GO EVs Arrive in Europe

MULN stock is surging higher after the company announced that it would deliver its I-GOs to Newgate Motor early next month.

Dear MULN Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Dec. 23

Shareholders will be able to vote on a MULN reverse stock split in a range between 1-for-2 and 1-for-25 on Dec. 23.

AMC Stock Alert: AMC Walks Away From Cineworld Purchases

AMC Entertainment has confirmed its plans to buy theaters from Cineworld have fallen through. Here's what this means for AMC stock.

AMC Stock Alert: Adam Aron Discloses $162 Million of Cash Raised

Shares of AMC stock are in the red after the company announced that it had raised $162 million from APE units, among other announcements.

Why Meme Stocks Investors Are Worried About Ken Griffin and Elon Musk

Elon Musk, Ken Griffin and Jared Kushner were spotted together at the 2022 World Cup, prompting speculation due to their proximity.

Why Is Greenidge (GREE) Stock Up 30% Today?

The cryptocurrency miner's share price has jumped 30% higher after the Nasdaq threatened GREE stock with delisting.