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The 7 Best ETFs for Market-Beating Returns

These 7 ETFs have a strong track record of beating their benchmarks, and often the overall market

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Looking for the best ETFs? That’s something of a chore, considering there are well more than 1,900 exchange-traded funds on the market. Buy-and-hold funds or trading vehicles. Stocks, bonds, commodities or “multi-asset” ETFs. Leveraged funds, inverse funds.

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While investors will buy a few holdings for protection, the point of most ETF investments is the same no matter who you are: Beat the market.

The best ETFs, then, are those funds that not only can beat the S&P 500 in the long-term, but can also do so with a level of risk that you’re comfortable with. Risk is one of those things that every investor is aware of, and yet, most investors don’t pay enough attention to when it comes to actually deciding what stocks, funds and other assets to buy.

This list of best ETFs is really a place for you to begin your research. I’ve taken seven choices that are beating their benchmarks and seem to have a solid approach, but you’ll have to filter for risk, based on your own risk profile.

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