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Profit With the iShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF) (IWM) in a Small-Caps Squeeze

A big breakout looms for small-caps. The iShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF) offers a low-risk way to position with this IWM play. More 

Welcome to Earnings Season … Mind the Interest Rates

Although the trend remains higher for U.S. stocks, the two-week rally in interest rates and the upcoming earnings season may make things trickier for the time being. More 

Policy Risk Keeps Putting Pressure on the Markets

Worries about President Trump's plans and the Fed's potential policy could exacerbate the summer doldrums. More 

Financial Stocks Are Helping the S&P 500 Keep Flexing

July has a positive undertone for U.S. stocks. Add the continued sector rotation, and the S&P 500 could continue its rise toward 2,500. More 

Play the Sector Rotation Game

Plenty of risk headlines, from political to geopolitical, continue to be thrown at this market, yet the trajectory remains higher and the sector rotation game reigns. More 

The S&P 500 Is On Borrowed Time

U.S. equities fell from Monday's record highs on Tuesday as oil entered a bear market -- watch for an overall correction. More 

S&P 500 Industrials Keep Looking Unstoppable

While tech stocks rose after a pause during last week, industrials look great and energy and retail are still no-go zones. More