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The 10 Best Stocks for a “Set It and Forget It” Summer Portfolio

You can go away in May, but don't sell ... instead, buy one or more of these 10 top stocks before you hit the beach

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Traditionally, the best stocks in any portfolio (growth, income, retirement) are stocks that you can buy and leave alone for at least a few months, if not a few years, without having to worry about rushing to your brokerage account to sell out before you’re caught in an epic collapse.

And summertime is typically one of the hottest months for investors to seek out these “set it and forget it” stock picks.

That’s because summer, which is just a few weeks out, is when the stock market tends to underperform. The famous admonition to “sell in May and go away” refers to the fact that equity markets underperform between May and October. The reasons for that underperformance aren’t known, and it’s not a 100% accurate phenomenon, but it has largely persisted for decades.

Most investors don’t want to actually sell in May — but many do want to “go away.” Between barbecues, boats and beaches, there are many more interesting pastimes in the summer than following one’s stock portfolio.

With that in mind, here are 10 “set it and forget it” stocks to buy for this summer. They’re the best kinds of stocks for a few months of peace because, no matter what happens, investors can confidently own them and enjoy the summer with far less worry about what the market might be doing.

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