Bear Market and Corrections

Forget Uncertainty: TRUST Is the Big Issue for Investors

With today's headlines, it isn't surprising that less people are playing the stock market. But the issue isn’t politics or economics – it’s trust. More 

For-Profit Colleges Are Doomed

The real threat to the sector is that college educations may be the next big bubble. More 

3 Ways to Go Short Now

A Goldman Sachs analyst thinks the S&P 500 could drop about 5% or so. Here's how to play the trend. More 

The Real Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 15%

Reported unemployment is not the same as real unemployment. Here's what that means for investors. More 

4 Tips for Surviving Market Corrections

Stay away -- or at least make smaller bets, be selective and sell quickly on any uptick. More 

Utilities: From Hero to Villain?

Utilities, which have performed quite strongly in the last two months, goes from being a sector to hide behind to being one to flee from. More 

Is a Recession Pending? This Indicator Says Yes

The Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index watches truck fuel consumption to predict economic trends. The measures are trending towards a recession call. More 

3 Reasons Why Stocks are Close to a Bottom

The S&P is down 10% from its 2012 highs and Wall Street is deeply bearish. A variety of indicators including technicals and a past parallel blink warning sign More 

Will the ‘Mini-Correction’ Turn Major?

While the correction is likely not over, it also is likely not going to be deeper than it already has been. More 

The New Cracks in Sovereign Debt

European electoral changes have dramatically altered risk sentiment in global markets. More