Google Removes Amazon App From Play Store

Google has removed the Amazon app from its Play Store after learning that it could be used to download other apps and games. More 

Why Google Is Shutting Down News Service in Spain

Google is shutting down its news service is Spain on Dec. 16 due to a new law that would have it paying fees to newspapers. More 

Intel Wants to Be King of the Internet of Things

Intel revealed its IoT Platform, aimed at unifying and streamlining future hardware and software developments for the Internet of Things. More 

The 4 Best Tech Stocks for Mobile in 2015

As the mobile market grows -- and it's growing -- so will the opportunities for these four blue-chip tech stocks. More 

The Best Places to Work in 2015

Glassdoor has released its seventh annual list of the best places to work and Google has taken the number one spot on it. More 

5 Things to Know About the New Google Hangouts Features

Google Hangouts was updated on Wednesday to include several new features, such as additional stickers and filters, in the app. More 

Apple TV Adds 4 New Channels

Apple TV owners are treated to four new channels, Dailymotion, Fusion, The Scene and UFC.TV, as well as an updated YouTube app. More 

New Chick-fil-A App Features: 6 Things to Know About the App

The Chick-fil-A app has been upgraded to include mobile payment and mobile ordering, but there are some limitations to ordering. More 

Facebook (FB) Search: A Major Threat to Google (GOOG) Stock

A clear threat to Google's search dominance emerged today via FB, which retooled and improved its Facebook Search function. GOOG should be scared. More 

Your Tablet-Buying Guide – 5 Best Tablets for the 2014 Holidays

The best tablets of 2014 edition of our tablet-buying guide will cover everyone on your holiday shopping list. More