The Google Self-Driving Car Is Ready to Be Tested on Public Roads

The Google self-driving car will be showing up on public roads this summer as the company move forward with testing the vehicle. More 

Sell or Short the ‘Trinity of Tech’ NOW — AAPL, FB, GOOGL

Three of Wall Street's most-loved tech stocks -- Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB) -- could all be in for a few weeks of rough waters. More 

The 10 Most Popular Brands on Facebook

What are the most popular brands on Facebook? The brands with the most Facebook likes have tens of millions of fans each; some will surprise you. More 

YouTube Break? Nestle to Rename the KitKat in UK

Google and Nestle have signed a deal that will see 600,000 KitKat bars renamed to YouTube Break to celebrate their anniversaries. More 

The First Google App for Apple Watch Is Here

The first Google app for Apple Watch has been released, but it's a bit of a disappointment with its very limited uses and minimal features. More 

‘Elon Musk’ Book: The Quotes Everyone Is Buzzing About

Tesla Motors Inc CEO Elon Musk is the subject of a new book by Ashlee Vance and there are some interesting quotes about the man. More 

Google Shuts Down Map Maker After Recent ‘Vandalism’

Google is shutting down its map editing tool Map Maker following multiple reports of spam and online 'vandalism.' More 

Add a Link: Facebook (FB) Testing In-App Search Feature

Some mobile users are seeing a new feature from Facebook Inc called 'Add a Link' that removes the need of a Google search. More 

Google Update: New Feature Lets Your Order Food Direct From Search

A new Google update brings food ordering for specific restaurants to the search engine via six online ordering services. More 

AAPL: Apple Music Bully Tactics Are High Risk, Low Gain

AAPL is in the spotlight for aggressive and risky Apple music streaming negotiations that could kill the freemium model for Spotify. More