Twitter Inc: Earnings Turn Into a Lousy Anniversary for TWTR

Twitter's latest earnings report was solid, but solid wasn't enough for Twitter stock holders. Here's a look at earnings, revs, guidance and more. More 

Google (GOOG) Employee Arrested in Nude Photos Scam

Nicholas Rotundo, a 23-year-old Google employee, could face 11 years in prison for a nude photos scam and cyberstalking charges. More 

Roku Looks Like IPO Magic

The timing for a Roku offering, following on the remarkable success of GoPro's IPO last summer, looks compelling. More 

Rite Aid Blocks Apple Pay, Google Wallet Payments

Rite Aid and its 4,600 stores stopped accepting Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments for reasons that are not yet clear. More 

GOOG News: Google Search Takes a Bite Out of Top Pirate Sites

Google has made changes to how it ranks pirate sites in web searches as part of an effort to drive traffic to legal websites. More 

Moto X Review – Android Bargain is Bigger, But is it Better?

The 2014 Moto X improves on last year with bigger Full HD display, quad-core CPU and $99 price but it has grown into a bigger device More 

Twitter Digits Aims to Replace Traditional Passwords

Twitter Digits is a new system that is part of the company's efforts to replace typical passwords on apps with phone numbers. More 

GOOG News: What Is Google Inbox?

Google Inbox, the company's new email app, was introduced on Wednesday and invites have been sent out to several users to try it out. More 

Yelp Stock: Good Earnings, Bad Outlook

Yelp's earnings looked good, but investors have plenty of reason to be worried about the company's outlook. More 

Where Is the New Apple TV?

Apple TV went from hobby to big business but hasn't been updated in two years. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google are ready for a holiday assault. More