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Google Glass: Consumer Sales to End This Month

Google Glass is closing down its Explorer program and will stop being sold this month as the team moves out of Google X labs. More 

Angie’s List: Bankruptcy or Buyout? (ANGI)

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Apple, Google, Intel & Adobe Settle ‘Anti-Poaching’ Lawsuit for $415M

Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe Systems have agreed to pay $415 million to settle a lawsuit against them for anti-poaching practices. More 

Google (GOOG): Quit it With Google Glass And Focus on Nest

The tech genius behind the design of the iPod must now focus on Glass and the smarthome division Nest, a dangerous misallocation of resources by GOOG. More 

Google Expects Self-Driving Cars on Roads By 2020

Google executive Chris Urmson says he expects to see self-driving cars on roads by 2020 and wants to see how people use them. More 

Android 4.3 Alert: Google Won’t Fix Security Bug Affecting 930M Users

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The 5 Best Smartphones We’re Looking Forward to in 2015

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Project Ara: Google to Test Modular Smart Phone in 2015

Google is testing its modular smart phone Project Ara in Mountain View. A second test will take place later this year in Puerto Rico. More 

Google Translate: 5 Things to Know About the New Upgrades

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