Walmart, Other Major Retailers Pressured to Stop Selling Cigarettes

The attorneys general of 28 states have written to Walmart and four other retailers asking them to end tobacco sales in their stores. More 

Albertsons Grocery Combines With Safeway to Create 2,400+-Store Chain

Supermarket chain Albertsons, owned by Cerberus Capital Management, will merge with Safeway in a deal valued at $9 billion. More 

Kroger in Talks to Scoop Up Some Safeway Stores

Kroger is interested in buying some Safeway stores either from the company or the private-equity firm that is the lead bidder for the company. More 

Business Booms for Teen Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside Pot Shop

Danielle Lei raked in the big bucks when she sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in a two hour period outside of The Green Cross on Monday. More 

Safeway Supermaket Chain to Hang ‘For Sale’ Sign

Safeway Supermarket (SWY) is putting itself up for sale, the grocery company announced late Wednesday -- a move that sent SWY stock up more than 4% in early trading today. More 

Supermarket Stocks: Winners and Losers

Consumers are becoming more selective about where they spend their money, so investors must become just as selective when choosing which stocks to buy. More 

Obama to Tighten Fuel Standards for Trucks

President Barack Obama will order the Environmental Protection Agency to increase fuel efficiency standards for trucks to combat climate change. More