Agriculture Stocks

U.S. Grocers Accuse Potato Growers of Price Conspiracy

A group of grocery stores has filed suit against potato growers, accusing them of price-fixing and operating as a cartel. More 

Floodwaters Could Bail Out My Corn Call

This year's flooding -- on the heels of last year's drought -- could mean higher prices for ag commodities. Here's one way to play it. More 

Obama’s Budget: Industry Winners and Losers

After unveiling his 2014 budget yesterday, President Obama was attacked by both the right and the left. Here are the industries most affected by the proposal. More 

CF Industries Has a Rough Spring Ahead

This fertilizer stock has fallen sharply over the past several weeks and could continue to struggle. Here's an options play to take advantage of that likelihood. More 

A Strong Picture Is Emerging at Mosaic

The long-term global trend -- more people will need to eat more food -- makes Mosaic's ag-chemicals business an intriguing play. But is the timing right? More 

10 Top Stock Charts to Watch in March

Instead of waiting for a new high in the major indices, look to the technology, materials and retail sectors for trading opportunities. More 

‘Record’ Corn Crop? It’s Still Buying Season

A record corn crop is expected, but the market doesn't seem to be factoring in the continuing effects of the drought. For investors, that means opportunity. More