WEN Stock – Wendy’s Gets No Respect for Street-Beating Results

The market remains skeptical of Wendy's success amid brutal competition, as surprisingly strong profit and sales growth was met with selling in WEN stock. More 

Fast Food Strike: World-Wide Protest Planned for May 15

A global fast food strike has been planned for May 15, mirroring the $15-per-hour salary that fast food workers are demanding. More 

Viral Ad Alert: Burger King Brings Back Subservient Chicken From 2004

Burger King is bringing back its subservient chicken viral ad from 2004, but the chicken is missing and needs to be found this time around. More 

Whopper Wi-Fi to Roll Out at Burger King Nationwide

Burger King says it is rolling out "Whopper Wi-Fi" at its locations across the U.S. using AT&T's Ready Zone Wi-Fi hotspot technology. More 

5 Fast Food Restaurants Offering Pay by Phone

There are more and more fast food restaurants that are offering a pay by phone option. You can now pay for your meal with smartphone restaurant apps. More 

Burger King to Launch Mobile Payment App

Burger King says it will launch a mobile app that processes food order payments in April. More 

‘Burger King Baby’ Turns to Facebook in Search of Mystery Mom

Katheryn Deprill, the Burger King baby, is using Facebook in an effort to help her find her biological mother that abandoned her in 1986. More