Nintendo: Pokémon Go Could Send NTDOY to the Moon

Pokémon Go has once-great Nintendo (NTDOY) staging a big comeback right now -- and it could light the way for an enormous market opportunity. More 

Remastered “Resident Evil 4” Coming to Consoles in August

Capcom has announced that the remastered version of 'Resident Evil 4' will be out this Fall on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More 

Australian Pokemon Fans Warned They Can’t ‘Catch ‘Em All’ In Police Station

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Microsoft Corporation’s Console Strategy Could Spell the End for Xbox (MSFT)

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E3 2016 Rumors: What to Expect at the Video Game Industry’s Big Event

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Nintendo Co., Ltd (ADR) Denies Imminent Death of the Wii U

Nintendo has denied rumors that it will stop making the Wii U by the end of the year and said it will still support it in the future. More 

Miitomo: Nintendo Co., Ltd (ADR)’s First Smartphone App Sees Instant Success

Nintendo's first smartphone app, 'Miitomo,' was released in Japan on March 17 and it already has 1 million downloads on iOS devices. More