Nintendo Pokemon Trading-Card App Coming to Apple iPad

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a Pokemon trading-card app on Apple's iPad in the United States and Europe. More 

Xbox One Still Can’t Catch the Playstation 4

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Amazon Fire Phone – What You Need to Know About the 3D Smartphone

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E3 2014: PSTV, Exclusive Games Add to Sony Momentum

At E3 2014, Microsoft’s Xbox One still played second fiddle to PS4, while Sony’s new PSTV is a $99 cheap gaming threat More 

Project Tango: Google is Building a 3D Tablet

With Project Tango, Google attempts to leapfrog the iPad and other competitors with a 3D tablet able to map its environment in three dimensions in real time. More 

10 Awesome High-Tech Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014

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Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: Who’s Winning the Next-Gen Console War?

Xbox One and Playstation 4 are both outselling previous generations and leaving Wii U in the dust, but PS4 remains the more popular choice with gamers. More