5 Top Video Games for Holiday 2013

With the holiday season coming up, gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on some of the top video games for the PS4, Xbox One and more. More 

PlayStation 4 Sets Records, But ‘Blue Light of Death’ Lurks

Sony sells more than 1 million units in its PlayStation 4 launch, but news of "blue light of death" hardware failures could spell trouble for SNE. More 

Your Guide to PS4 and Xbox One Console Exclusives

The PS4 launches Friday, and the Xbox One is set to be released next week. Here's your guide to the biggest franchises exclusive to each console. More 

China Lifts Ban on Video Game Consoles

China announced an end to its ban on video game consoles, presenting a huge opportunity for console makers Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. More 

Grand Theft Auto V Kicks Off a Big Title Push

Grand Theft Auto V is part of a wave of games looking to make a splash before the eighth console generation hits stores. More 

Sony Jumps Ahead of Apple With PS Vita TV Set-Top Box

Sony arrived at set-top gaming before Apple with its new PS Vita TV, which will let users play handheld games on TV, and comes with streaming features. More 

Nintendo Still Won’t Make a Cash Grab for Mobile Games

Despite suggestions that it could make $400 million annually by putting Mario on iOS and Android, Nintendo refuses to put its IP on other mobile devices. More