Apple Inc. (AAPL) Apple Watch Is Ready for Pokemon Go

While it won't have the functionality of the full app, Pokemon Go gives fans one more reason to consider an Apple Watch. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Super Mario Run Coming to App Store

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include 'Super Mario Run' for iOS, a Tweet about the iPhone 7 release date and new AAPL trademarks. More 

Apple Inc. Reveals Super Mario Run at iPhone 7 Event (AAPL)

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Pokemon Go: What to Know About Upcoming ‘Buddy System’ Feature

Hackers have discovered data for a new 'Buddy System' in the most recent 'Pokemon Go' update that will likely be released soon. More 

‘Pokemon Go’ Deal: SoftBank Group Corp Mobile Carrier Stores to Become Pokestops, Gyms

'Pokemon Go' is expanding the number of Gyms and Pokestops in Japan due to a deal with SoftBank (SFTBF) that starts in September. More 

Latest ‘Pokemon Go’ Updates: New Spawning Nests, Stats Appraisal Feature

'Pokemon Go' is being updated and trainers will likely enjoy the new feature that lets them appraise their Pokemon's stats. More 

‘Pokemon Go’ Glitch Lets Users Take Over Gyms With Unhatched Eggs

'Pokemon Go' players are reporting seeing unhatched eggs holding gyms and it appears to be a glitch or hack to earn coins in the game. More