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Wall Street Bristles at Big Ben: Wednesday’s IP Market Recap

Following news that the Fed planned on continuing its easing policies, Ben Bernanke indicated QE could be tapered by mid-2014, and stocks dropped off as a result. More 

China Grinds Markets to a Halt — Monday’s IP Market Recap

Reports of slower growth in China overshadowed a seeming return to Merger Monday and sent U.S. markets significantly lower. More 

Monday’s Mega-Deals: U.S. M&A Is Back

Dish Network's bid for Sprint and Thermo Fisher's deal with Life Technologies continue a run for U.S. M&A that should hopefully keep the cycle of market confidence rolling. More 

Sprint Shares Jump on $25.5B Dish Network Takeover Bid

Dish Network has issued a $25.5 billion bid for wireless carrier Sprint, topping an earlier offer from Japan's Softbank. More 

7 Biggest M&A Deals of 2012

Another slow year for deals, but it ended with a bang: Fourth quarter was the hottest period since 3Q 2008. So, there's hope for better in 2013. More 

Sprint Reaches Deal to Buy Rest of Clearwire

Clearwire's board has accepted an second bid from Sprint that raised its offer for the remaining stake in the company by 7 cents a share to $2.97 a share. More 

Sprint Seeks to Acquire Remaining Clearwire Stake for $2.1B

Sprint has made a $2.1 billion bid to acquire the rest of Clearwire, but analyst say it will likely have to raise its offer to acquire the entire company. More