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Top 10 Cities for Recent College Graduates

Ready to enter the 'real world'? These cities have the most appeal

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Top 10 Cities for Recent College Graduates

#4: Madison, Wis.

madisonWI185 Top 10 Cities for Recent College GraduatesWisconsin isn’t just for cheeseheads. The state’s capital is a great place for recent grads thanks to low unemployment — an appealing rate of just 4.1%.

As for the rest of it, consistency has worked in this city’s favor. No statistic truly stands out, which could mean Madison has a good mix of all the right factors.

The entry-level salary in the city is $35,000 and, while the cost of living is 12% above the national average, that’s offset by a slightly above-average proportion of single and young folks.

Then again, a good chunk of those young folks may be taking classes at the nearby University of Wisconsin, but that has its upside as well — should you choose to go back to school, you have a large state university right in your backyard.

Plus, the town has two lakes that can keep you active and entertained.

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