Chicken Fries and Pretzel Buns – Fast-Food Salvation for BKW, WEN?

Burger King is replacing low-calorie Satisfries with its former hit chicken fries, and Wendy's is reviving the pretzel bun. Will the moves lift WEN and BKW? More 

Between China and the U.S., McDonald’s Is Not Lovin’ It

McDonald's can add the food scare in China to its list of woes, which include a U.S. sales slump nearing its one-year anniversary. More 

China Food Scandal Spreads to Starbucks, Burger King, Others

Starbucks (SBUX), Burger King (BKW) and others are being linked to the China food scandal regarding the unhygienic handling of meat. More 

Burger King Gay Pride Whopper Stirs Controversy

The Gay Pride Whopper from Burger King has won over some consumers while others see the burger as a marketing ploy. More 

Razor Blade Found in a Burger King Salad

A Burger King customer found a razor blade in her salad. She received a free salad and will not press charges. More 

MCD Stock: Investors Shrug at McDonald’s Buyback Plans

CEO Don Thompson will need to do more than raise the shareholder payout to entice investors to buy McDonald's stock. More 

Burger King Adds Burgers to Breakfast Menu

Burger King is beefing up its breakfast menu by adding burgers to the fold. 5,000 locations have decided to include the 'Burgers for Breakfast' menu. More