Don’t Get Fired Up About FEYE Stock

FireEye stock is up only because Sony announced it hired the cybersecurity company to beef up network security after last month's hack. More 

PSN News: Sony PlayStation Back Online After Outage

The Sony PlayStation network is back online following an unexpected power outage that started on Christmas Day. More 

Biggest Movers in Consumer Cyclical Stocks Now – SCS MTOR CRC GAME

Consumer cyclical stocks rose 0.4% on Wall Street so far on Friday. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Demand for iPhone 6 is Still Up

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a rejected offer to show 'The Interview' on iTunes, the best apps of 2014 and high iPhone 6 demand. More 

PlayStation Now: Samsung Smart TVs to Stream PS Games

Sony's PlayStation Now service will be coming to some Samsung smart TVs in the first half of 2015 with over 200 PS3 games. More 

Sony Threatens to Sue Twitter Over Hacking Tweets

Sony Pictures is threatening to sue Twitter if it doesn't stop accounts from spreading hacked information stolen from it. More 

Biggest Movers in Consumer Cyclical Stocks Now – SNE BC RUSHB GIII

Consumer cyclical stocks remained flat on Wednesday morning on Wall Street. More