How Hackers Could Access Your Amazon Account Through Kindle

Amazon users that downloaded an e-book from a sketchy source were open to attacks on their accounts, but the issue has been fixed. More 

SPLS: Staples Stands a Chance at Survival

Only time will tell if Staples will be the last bricks-and-mortar store still standing after the downward spiral of the office products industry. More 

AMZN: Don’t Bet on Amazon Just Yet

Despite its recent acquisition of, shaky earnings and poor return on equity suggest that investors should be wary of Amazon. More 

Coca-Cola to Bring Back Limited Supply of Surge to Amazon

A Facebook campaign has prompted Coca-Cola (KO) to bring back Surge, a 90s drink inspired by Mountain Dew. More 

Amazon News: AMZN to Shut Down Free P2P Service

Amazon is shutting down its WebPay service, which offers peer-to-peer services, on October 13, 2014 and isn't offering an alternative. More 

3 e-Commerce Stocks to Sell Now

The ratings of three e-commerce stocks are down this week, according to the Portfolio Grader database. Each of these rates a "D" ("sell") or "F" overall ("strong sell"). More 

Amazon (AMZN) to Open Wholesale Portal in India

Amazon is preparing to launch a wholesale portal in India that could be similar to its AmazonSupply in the U.S. as early as 2015. More