Netflix Stock (NFLX) Headed for a Nose-Dive?

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Trade of the Day: Amazon (AMZN)

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Amazon Exclusives: Another Small Step Forward for AMZN

Amazon's new store, Amazon Exclusives, will focus on up-and-coming inventions. It's not a game-changer for AMZN stock, but it should help keep Amazon a step ahead. More 

Aim to Find Growth at Home and Overseas

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MARCH MADNESS: Amazon (AMZN) vs. Google (GOOG)

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Internet of Things: Amazon Buys 2lemetry Startup

Amazon has acquired startup 2lemetry for an undisclosed sum in a deal that could help its Internet of Things develop further. More 

Stocks Dribble Lower as Fed Fears Grow

Growing fears that an eventual interest-rate hike is on the way continued swinging the market pendulum in the other direction on Wednesday. More 

Amazon Exclusives: Here’s What You’ll Find in the New Online Store

Amazon Exclusives is a new store from the online retailer that focuses on items from brands that are on the rise and backed by Amazon. More 

Amazon’s Momentum Will Reward the Faithful

As more shoppers stay within its ecosystem, AMZN stock will become a profit behemoth More 

The New Amazon Store on Tmall: What It Means for AMZN Shareholders

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