David Muir to Replace Diane Sawyer as ABC World News Anchor

ABC News has announced that on Sept. 2, David Muir will succeed Diane Sawyer as anchor of ABC World News. More 

Aereo Verdict: Supreme Court Says Streaming TV Service Is Illegal

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against Aereo, which streamed broadcast programming to subscribers, finding it is like a cable system. More 

DIS: The Disney ‘Frozen’ Hit Is Still Heating Up Japan

Disney's 'Frozen' has topped Japan's box office for the 15th week in a row and has pulled in $233.3 million from the country. More 

The Most Popular Brands of Summer 2014

E-Score surveyed 1,500 Americans to determine the most popular brands of summer, with Disney, Good Humor and Coleman brands at the top. More 

AMC Stock: You Won’t Find a Safer Dividend

Exhibition houses like AMC reap cash flow, so they can offer it back to shareholders. That makes for for a steady dividend from AMC stock. More 

Vincent D’Onofrio Cast as Kingpin in Netflix ‘Daredevil’ Series

Vincent D'Onofrio, who has appeared in 'Men in Black' and 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent', will play Kingpin in the upcoming 'Daredveil' series. More 

3 Media Stocks to Buy Now

When it comes to media stocks, the case to buy Disney remains strong. But a couple more stocks look attractive, specifically TWX and DWA. More