McDonald’s Petite Pastries for Breakfast Tested

A new fast food breakfast test in San Diego involves the McDonald's Petite Pastries which have raspberry and cinnamon cream-cheese. More 

Pussy Riot Attacked With Paint at Russia McDonald’s

Two Pussy Riot members were attacked with green paint at a McDonald's in Russia on Thursday by a group of around six men. More 

Starbucks Debuts 4 New Breakfast Sandwiches

Starbucks is debuting four new breakfast sandwiches including the turkey bacon, egg and cheddar. SBUX stock is down Wednesday. More 

Burger King Adds Satisfries to Kid’s Meals

Burger King is making its Kid's Meals healthier by making them with Satisfries which contain 40% less fat than McDonald's regular fries. More 

Tim Horton’s Stock Is Best Left on the Table

Canada based Tim Horton's restaurants are suffering much the same fate as American restaurant stocks, and Tim Horton's stock is one to sell today More 

Wha?? McDonald’s Sued for $1.5M Over Only Giving Man One Napkin

A man is suing McDonald's for $1.5 million over an incident in which a manager only gave him one napkin and said a racist statement. More 

Breakfast Menus Could Decide the Fates of YUM, MCD Stock

The breakfast battle is heating up as Taco Bell makes a bold move to enter the fray. Meanwhile, McDonald's waffles about all-day breakfast -- a big mistake. More