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The 7 Most Fascinating Cryptos That Are Pushing the Boundaries


  • These best fascinating cryptos offer impressive real-world utility and monstrous upside in a bull run.
  • Neo (NEO): Proven to have been resilient despite Beijing’s stance on cryptos.
  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK): Could potentially revolutionize the worldwide lottery system across the blockchain technology.
  • Chainlink (LINK): Delivers critical inputs for smart contracts.
  • Continue reading for more fascinating cryptos to buy!
best fascinating cryptos - The 7 Most Fascinating Cryptos That Are Pushing the Boundaries

Source: Chinnapong / Shutterstock

As we stand at a critical juncture in the crypto realm, investing in the best fascinating cryptos could finally prove to be worthwhile. The incredible market volatility in the past year has given way to unprecedented opportunities to load up on up-and-coming assets for long-term upside potential. With crypto markets on the brink of a bull run and rate cuts potentially on the horizon, fascinating tokens are gearing up for immense gains.

In the wake of big crashes, the crypto landscape has grown impressively, weeding out new projects and emerging stronger than ever.

While caution is still key, now might be the ideal time to explore fascinating cryptos to buy for 2023 selectively.

As the long crypto winter continues to thaw, smaller altcoins are ready to surge, offering investors a chance to diversify their portfolios with these fascinating tokens.

NEO-USD Neo  $10.30
LBLOCK-USD Lucky Block  $0.000081
TIKKA-USD Tikka Token  Not enough data
ZIL-USD Zilliqa $0.0271
OCEAN-USD Ocean Protocol  $0.35
GRT-USD The Graph  $0.13
LINK-USD Chainlink  $7.01

Neo (NEO)

Neo logo
Source: Wit Olszewski / Shutterstock.com

Neo (NEO-USD) is an innovative crypto network that is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum (ETH-USD).

The platform has effectively bridged technological and geographical barriers, opening up a wealth of possibilities for its investors. Its robust developer tools have made the development of decentralized applications a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, with its smart contract deployment and transaction verification capabilities of up to 10,000 per second, it has become one of the top Dapp networks.

Despite the ban on crypto mining from China, the NEO token has been ticking in the green this year. It’s up over 50% since the start of the year, a testament to its resilience and the promising opportunity for investors.

Also, if Beijing were to ease its stance on digital currencies, NEO’s potential for exponential growth would be remarkable.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

A close-up shot of the concept for a cryptocurrency exchange page.
Source: PixieMe / Shutterstock.com

Lucky Block (LBLOCK-USDis an innovative decentralized platform for crypto games. It effectively leverages blockchain technology to bring play-to-earn rewards to its user base.

Using blockchain protocols enhances transparency in determining winners for its prize draw games, allowing its users to make passive income and building a reliable worldwide lottery system.

The LBLOCK token’s popularity is essentially linked to the platform and its games, as it is used to purchase lottery tickets to enter various contests. This symbiotic relationship keeps crypto hooked and helps grow the platform’s burgeoning community.

As distributions and token purchases using LBLOCK rise, the platform’s value naturally follows in tandem. At one point, LBLOCK was up over 5,000% in value, highlighting its potential for significant growth and success.

Tikka Token (TIKKA)

Cryptos to sell before they die. Cryptocurrency crash. Red graph. Price going down. Collapse. 3d illustration.
Source: MP Art / Shutterstock.com

Tikka Token (TIKKA-USD) is garnering attention in the crypto sphere as a leading Wealth Access Token designed to empower the financial growth of its investors.

This Web3 project harnesses blockchain technology to make a market of the wealth management landscape.

TIKKA tokens could potentially be critical in facilitating payments for the company’s financial products and services. The team behind the token, Cube, boasts a stellar portfolio, managing over $20 million in assets and targeting India’s massive middle-class market.

With an expanding asset base and customer pool, TIKKA emerges as a potentially attractive long-term contender in the crypto sector.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

The Zilliqa (ZIL) crypto logo in front of a trading chart illustration.
Source: Shutterstock

Zilliqa (ZIL-USD) is another top altcoin with robust fundamentals, poised for long-term growth as its ecosystem expands.

It turned heads last year after its price surge from four cents to 18 cents within a mere two months in early 2022.

This rapid growth followed its metaverse services launch, which could become a major growth catalyst as long-term prospects remain overwhelmingly positive for the crypto.

Zilliqa’s robust transaction speed sets it apart from its peers. Its efficiency is mainly because of its innovative use of sharding, which breaks down grouped transactions into smaller parts for parallel verification.

Not only does this process speed up processing, but it also significantly reduces transaction fees. When comparing native token transfers, Zilliqa’s fee is a staggering 227 times lower than Ethereum’s and 60 times lower than fungible tokens.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Graphic of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) AI crypto logo against purple futuristic background
Source: shutterstock.com/WindAwake

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN-USD) is a trailblazing Web 3.0 crypto poised for incredible long-term growth ahead.

Its standout features include enhanced security, privacy, transparency, and scalability, positioning it as a major crypto player in the coming years. Its decentralized data access and exchange approach ensures superior accessibility and transparency during data transfers.

Its team has expertly addressed token distribution issues, promoting long-term stability and asset growth. Further bolstering OCEAN’s potential is incorporating AI to establish a data-sharing system that allows developers to create engaging apps for communities.

Ocean Protocol unveiled the Ocean ONDA V4 update recently, designed to bolster security and integrate data NFTs. This move enhanced the project’s popularity and sparked a remarkable 123% increase in OCEAN’s price within a month, pointing to its promising trajectory.

The Graph (GRT)

The logo for the cryptocurrency network The Graph is shown against a chart representing price change over time.
Source: Ivan Babydov / Shutterstock.com

The Graph (GRT-USD) is another fascinating crypto platform that aims to transform how data is accessed and searched across multiple systems using blockchain technology.

It simplifies data management by enabling users to produce customized data graphs with blockchain information.

One of the key features of The Graph is its open-source robust decentralized protocol, which facilitates smooth and secure data exchange among its users.

This innovative approach ensures transparency, trust, and collaboration among parties involved in data transactions. Moreover, The Graph’s interface allows developers to build and deploy various applications easily, further bolstering its use cases.

Another noteworthy aspect of The Graph is its integration with popular blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, which significantly adds to its versatility in accessing and using data in the rapidly changing Dapps universe.

Chainlink (LINK)

a digital representation of the chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency
Source: Stanslavs / Shutterstock.com

Chainlink (LINK-USD) is a cutting-edge blockchain network of oracles, is revolutionizing the realm of the smart contract by providing crucial data capacity for blockchains.

As a key enabler for Web 3.0 development, the crypto’s dynamic exits optimize smart contract efficiency while its oracles effectively link real-world data with decentralized systems.

Its agnostic nature allows for compatibility across multiple platforms, significantly expanding its real-world utility. By bridging the gap between on-chain and off-chain data sources, Chainlink delivers critical input for smart contracts.

Although the LINK token is down from its peak of $36 in February 2021, the future looks promising. With a remarkable 30% increase since the start of the year, the token’s recent price momentum showcases its long-term potential for steady expansion and continued relevance in the blockchain industry.

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