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Fitbit Inc (FIT) Stock Is Going to Burn Amid Flex 2 Explosion Report

Fitbit (FIT) shares have collapsed from 2015 highs. Reports of a Flex 2 catching fire during use threaten to weigh FIT stock down even more. More 

Fitbit, Inc. (FIT) Stock Has Bigger Problems Than a Delayed Smartwatch

Fitbit (FIT) won't get a smartwatch out until fall. That's bad, but worse is the heaping pile of problems mounting on FIT stock. More 

Should You Buy Fitbit Inc (FIT) Stock? That Depends

Shares of Fitbit (FIT) have been crushed, falling 90% since August 2015. But is now the time to buy Fitbit stock? More 

Buy Fitbit Inc (FIT) Trackers, But Not Fitbit Stock

Whether Fitbit (FIT) is at $5 or $50, investing in the future of Fitbit stock is a crap shoot at best, and a recipe for calamity at worst. More 

Are Garmin Ltd. (GRMN) and Fitbit Inc (FIT) the Perfect Long/Short Play?

With Fitbit (FIT) losing is losing market share to Garmin (GRMN), the two competitors just might be the perfect long/short play. More 

Fitbit Inc (FIT) Stock: Here’s the Crash We All Saw Coming

Fitbit (FIT) crashed on Monday as it announced layoffs and an earnings warning. FIT stock is likely done for, but one company can still win health monitoring. More 

Fitbit Inc (FIT) Stock Is Making One Last Death Rattle

Smartwatch sales are tanking, so Fitbit's (FIT) move to add more watch assets is puzzling. In the end, it won't help Fitbit stock. More