Cryptocurrency News: 3 Things for Crypto Investors to Know Friday

Cryptocurrency traders looking for the latest news are in luck as we cover the biggest stories in our breakdown for Friday!

Solana Is Still Too Expensive Despite Recent Catalysts

Solana is having a tough time in 2022 along with the broader cryptocurrency market. Although it shows promise, SOL isn't worth buying now.

SOL Crypto Alert: Why Are Solana Prices Plunging Today?

The price of the SOL crypto is falling today following reports that of a Wormhole attack that impacted the Solana-Ethereum bridge.

Solana Price Predictions: How High Can Coachella’s Support Take the SOL Crypto?

Solana will gain exposure after inking a deal with Coachella to offer NFTs. As a result, investors are interested in Solana price predictions.

7 Cryptos on Alert as the Blockchain Tries to Make a Comeback

While cryptos have performed admirably given the scope of their prior volatility, investors should remain vigilant with digital assets.

Bonfida Price Predictions: Where Will a Coinbase Listing Take the FIDA Crypto?

Today, investors may be interested to learn what the expert Bonfida price predictions are, following this token's Coinbase listing.

3 Proof-of-Stake Cryptos to Buy Now in Case Congress Cracks Down

Proof-of-stake coins are the cryptos to buy right now, as the U.S. government could be adding to the list of places crypto mining is banned.

Buy Solana for the Speculation, Not for Its (Impressive) Utility

While Solana has benefitted from its underlying utility angle, it ultimately might not be the catalyst that drives its valuation.

Solana Crypto: SOL Is on the Rise as Coinbase Lists Solana Tokens

The Solana crypto is moving upward with quickness after the Coinbase platform begins to accommodate Solana's many native tokens.

3 Solana-Based Cryptos Set to Soar From Coinbase Listings

Coinbase taking on Solana-based cryptos makes several major projects on the blockchain network look like even more appealing investments.

Solana Instability Screams Stay Away!

Solana continues to experience network instability. Until its systems improve, it’s definitely not a cryptocurrency you should own.

The 7 Most Promising NFT Cryptos to Put on Your Radar for 2022

The cryptocurrency market is facing a massive correction right now. For bargain hunters, these 7 NFT cryptos could shine upon a recovery.

7 Cryptos on Red Alert as Digital Assets Stand at a Critical Juncture

While cryptos have recently printed some bounce-back ink, investors ought to consider the bigger picture before moving in.

There’s Too Much Working Against Solana to Make it a Buy Right Now

Whether or not crypto continues to drop or starts to bounce back, steer clear of Solana. At least, until it fully resolves its network-related issues.

Big Banks Are Lending Authority to Solana at Ethereum’s Expense

Solana continues to gain recognition from big banks, which should result in multiple positives for the crypto project.

The 7 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy on the January Dip

Here are seven top cryptocurrencies investors looking to put some risk capital to work in the crypto sector may want to consider.

Conditions Are Firming Up for Solana Buyers

Solana looks great -- if you know where to look and who to tune out when making a well-informed crypto buying decision.

Solana Price Predictions: Where Will the SOL Crypto Go Amid Market Crash?

The crypto winter is in full effect, as Solana has lost more than 30% the past week. So, what are the latest Solana price predictions?

Solana Is a Cheap Crypto Buy Today As It Hits New Lows

Solana looks like a cheap crypto buy here as it hits new lows. SOL crypto could be declining due to investors' selloff of risky assets after the Fed's loose monetary policy is coming to an end.

7 Cryptos to Watch as Sector Control Teeters on the Brink

Although cryptos have made some positive noise in recent sessions, the sector is hanging on the balance as investors digest the news.